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  1. Hi Fuzed, you won't be missing anything that you have searched for. I think the confusion is more related to the way that you are searching. To find out what the difference is you could try this: 1) Run an exclude search for restructure 2) Run an exclude search for restructuring 3) Run a normal search for restructur* The results will be everything that starts with restructur* but is not restructure or restructuring.
  2. Hi Fuzed, you could first identify the items that have attachments. Look in the Features facet for Attachments. Then you can search for the top level parent items and family for the attachments. Those items can be tagged and you can run a search across that tag.
  3. Hi Jonas, Currently Intella does not support Outlook for Mac. This is on our road map to add, and it will be available in a future version. The only work around is that you convert the mail to a supported format using a 3rd party tool before indexing it.
  4. Hi rodrigoalmeida, No, there is no 'soft license' available. Intella/Connect can only be used with a USB license dongle.
  5. Hi llanowar, Ultimately, which files to OCR depends on the customer's requirements. This should be discussed with the customer, and agreed prior to running the OCR process. From experience I have had different settings from different customers. E.g. some customers want just empty PDFs and top level Tiff file. Others want those types, plus other image formats. When you know which files to search for, you can search manually, e.g. search for PDFs and Empty files etc., then tag those item and run then through OCR. Or, you can use the Tasks feature (File - Tasks) to select the OCR candidates, and automatically OCR the items.
  6. I do apologize. I tested this the other day but I did not notice a new setting that was added in version 2.1. You can actually set incremental numbering for each page of a document when exporting to PDF format now. This setting is in the File Naming and Numbering screen. Under the File numbering section, there is a new check box which allows for numbering of pages.
  7. Hi llanowar, This feature has not be added yet. We will be moving this task up the list of features to add.
  8. Hi llanowar, We now support custom columns in Intella. This means that you can extract any field from the Headers or Raw data tabs into a custom column. When exporting, these custom columns will be included in the report.
  9. Hi, the Preview window has several tabs for handling attachments etc. For example, if you are previewing an email that has an attachment, the preview window will show an Attachments tab. The attachments can be accessed in this tab. Also, the preview window has a Tree tab where you can view the complete tree (up and down) for the previewed item.
  10. Hi, We know that all vendors work hard to create the best software they can. So as a policy and sign of respect we do not comment or make comparisons with other companies software. We are experts on Intella, but not experts on our competitors features or products. We do know that some other vendors have and use "battlesheet" comparisons. We feel this is just a race to the bottom and not something we want to take part in.
  11. Hi Jefferson, Firstly, please not that Intella/Connect do not have issues with large datasets. We have a number of customers who have processed cases of over 15TB with no issues. These cases are a lot larger than your 3TB case, so the size of the case is not an issue here, and the size would not cause 500 or 504 errors. Secondly, we notice that you don't have enough RAM on the system. In the link below it states "Example; a 1TB case should have no less than 64 gig and appropriate hardware specifications". You should provision more memory for this case if it is over 3TB in size. A lack of memory could be causing your issues. http://community.vound-software.com/index.php?/topic/269-selecting-a-computer-to-host-your-intella-software/ In addition, you can have issues if you have complex keyword lists that are not formatted correctly, or use special/reserved characters.
  12. Hi Adam, Thanks for your ideas and requests. I have notified our development team.
  13. Hi, No, Intella does not support Veeam Backups.
  14. Hi, Currently there is no date and time information for events in the 'Actions' tab. This will be added to version 2.2. You can find this information by extracting an 'Event log' from the Export file menu at the top of the screen.
  15. Hi, no it is not limited to 6 crawlers. 6 is the number I used just for this example. You can set 20 crawlers if your hardware allows that number.
  16. Hi Adam, I was mistaken. We actually already have Content analysis and Email threading in the Tasks feature. These are under Step 3 (actions applied to these items). The only missing one is Generate Thumbnails.
  17. Hi Adam, I will let the dev team know about these requests. For exporting encrypted items, you can create a saved search for Encrypted items, plus an exclude search for decrypted items. Then you can create a Task for the saved search and dedup the results, then export the items. As for the following tasks, we would need to add this functionality. Generate Thumbnails Content Analysis Email Threading
  18. These formats are on our 'to do' list and should be available in around version 2.3 or later.
  19. Hi Adam, We have the dedicated Tasks feature for building and running tasks. There are a lot of parameters and options to choose from when creating tasks so it would likely clutter up the Insight tab if we put the Tasks feature there.
  20. Hi uscheerbaum, Currently there are no options for color redactions. We have more functionality for redactions on our 'to do' list, so this will likely be available in a future version.
  21. Hi Todd, A single button to bring back the complete family would be useful in this case. Note that you can set the tagging preferences (File - Preferences - the Tagging tab) to tag the selected item, the parents, and the child items. This can be the default tagging preference.
  22. You can also use batching to batch the items, then assign the batches to the various reviewers. This is more for the review side though.
  23. Hi, You could do this by first tagging the items that you want to share. Connect has its own embedded instant messaging feature. The tag can be dragged to the person you want to share the results with, and they will see the tag in their own IM. They can then click on the tag, and a cluster will be shown with those results that you want them to see. Note that the users will need these permissions. Main UI: can use Search Can send and receive Instant Messages
  24. As an update, a customer has provided a solution where the screen res for the entire PC does not need to be changed. You can actually set Intella to not use the high res settings (thanks Chad). The solution is: 1) Right click on the Intella shortcut and select Properties. 2) Click on the Compatibility tab. 3) Check the option to 'Override High DPI scaling behavior' and select the 'System' option from the dropdown (see the screenshot below).
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