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  1. Hi, This is probably a permission issue. Here is a list from the Admin manual. Have you set the second permission for that specific role? Review related permissions: • Can create new tags - allows users to create new tags. • Can edit all tags - allows users to edit tags, even if they were created by other user. • Can delete tags and taggings from other reviewers - users having this permission will be allowed to delete tags and taggings created by other reviewers. In previous versions of Intella TEAM, only Case Manager was allowed to do that. Now this action is available to
  2. Hi Fabian, yes it is much the same as how it works in Intella Desktop. The Node is the processing system so it should have good resources, and the data should all be local. Once a case has been processed, you could move it to another system. For the evidence, you don't need to cache it into the case. For review purposes the evidence is not required. It is only required for further processing jobs (such as re-indexing the case), and exporting items from the case. If the evidence is not cached into the case and it has been moved, you can reconnect the source in the Sources tab. So yes, you
  3. Hi Fabian, you can think of Node like Intella Pro, but without a user interface. The user interface for creating cases and adding evidence to cases is built into Connect. Connect and Node work together for these functions. Node is the processing engine, and therefore, the most efficient way to process data in a case would be to configure the Node system like you have done for your Intella Pro system. E.g. separate local drives on the Node system for the Case, Evidence, and Optimization will provide best performance. Using SSD drives over traditional rotating platter drives would yield eve
  4. Hi Fabian, you should be able to see the W4 forums as they are open to the public. We have moved this message to the W4 section. Other useful posts on W4 can be found here https://community.vound-software.com/forum/16-w4-forensic-triage/ The W4 with list is here https://community.vound-software.com/forum/19-wishlist-forum-w4/
  5. Hi, you could export all of the items in the case (apart from the items you don't want to share) to a new Intella case. There is more information about this in Section 25.5. 'Exporting to an Intella case'.
  6. Hi, We don't use the GPU for Intella processes. There might be something else causing this GPU activity.
  7. Maybe you could first search on your tag, then open the Email Addresses facet. Open the From category to see how many emails were sent from each user. Note that the items in blue are the ones that are in your tag. You will need to use the filter option at the bottom of the facet to only show the email address respondent to your searched tag. You will need to do the same for the Senders category as well. Does this work for you?
  8. Have you tried running a KW search for the email address, but only in the From and Sender fields? E.g.
  9. Hi Armin, Please submit a support ticket via the support portal. We will then give you instructions on sending the logs to us.
  10. Hi Francois, it looks like the /s switch is not supported with the /D switch unfortunately.
  11. Hi John, No, that is not possible in Intella as only emails can be exported to PST format. Note that Outlook would likely not be able to display conversation items if they were able to be exported to PST format.
  12. Hi Trina, you can use the Date Facet to search for different dates. You can use the column chooser to show the different dates in the Details table. From there they can be sorted. Finally, if you sort the table by the Primary date column, this will show you which items do not have any dates.
  13. Yes, we support Cellebrite reports as a source. As long as the size of the evidence is 100GB or less, you should not have an issue with your 100GB license.
  14. Hi Francois, you could try this command. setup-intella-x64-2.4.1.exe /s /D=C:\CustomIntellaFolder
  15. Hi, if you find that this is not resolved and you still have issues, please submit a support ticket via the support portal.
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