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  1. Hi Fuzed, The next release (2.3) has this functionality. 2.3 will be released in the coming days. But, if you want to try the new functionality now, we can provide you a snapshot version for testing. Please submit a support ticket to https://support.vound-software.com if you would like to test OLK15 in the snapshot version.
  2. jon.pearse

    New Beta Available

    Hi Jason, I have sent you the download link and other information.
  3. Hi Shoeb, You will need to purchase another Node license if you want to use two Nodes at the same time.
  4. Hi Shoeb, What you can run depends on what licenses you have purchased, and are on the dongle. The purchase of Connect also comes with a processing license (Node). These two licenses are on the same network dongle. The dongle is designed to work across the network, so yes, you can run Connect on one system, and Node on another system at the same time. Installing Connect/Node on those systems, also installs the license manager and dongle drivers.
  5. Hi, Just an update on the request for the ATTACH_RANGE field. This field will be available in the next release, which is a month or so away.
  6. Hi Bryan, This is a suggestion. Make sure that you test this to make sure that you are getting the correct results, and that the wrong items are not being missed, or included. You could search over the CC field only by selecting that field in the Search options. Then search for this in the search box: * NOT attorney@lawfirm.com That should bring back anything that is in the CC field that is not attorney@lawfirm.com
  7. Hi Bryan, At this point the only 'easy' way to show duplicates of a group of items is to do the work around which you are currently doing. This functionality may be expanded in a future version.
  8. Hi, Are you sure you are tagging the correct email, and not a duplicate of the intended email? You can check this by looking at the Item IDs for the email you want to tag, and the email that gets tagged. The Item IDs will be the same.
  9. Hi, You can do it like this. Since you know what you are looking for (the word 'date'), type it in as the regular expression. Then check the Case sensitive option. I have created some test documents with the word 'date' using different case. When I run content analysis over these three documents, only the document with the keyword in lower case is found.
  10. Hi, For (a), you can use a regular expression search. A regular expression search has an option to set case sensitivity. For (b), OCR only runs over the entire document. There is no function to export only pages that contain search hit highlighting.
  11. Hi Sam, Normal keyword searches are not cases sensitive and that can not be changed. You can be more specific with case when using a regular expression search as there is an option for case sensitivity.
  12. New feature in W4: We have added the ability to colorize tags in W4. This allows the user to easier identify tags by color. E.g. helping to distinguish different tags which are similarly named. The tags are shown, and can be edited in the Tags category on the left of the user interface. When a tag is created, the user can select and assign the appropriate color for that tag. The colorization for the tags are shown In the Tags column of the Items view. Items which are tagged more than once, show the colors of all of its corresponding tags. The colorized tags are also shown in the Events view.
  13. New feature in W4: We are adding the ability to ingest a W4 case into Intella. This work should be completed for the next release of Intella (version 2.3). This is actually an Intella feature, however, it is a way to expand on the W4 case, and identify more related artifacts that may be in the dataset. Use case: W4 is designed to extract user and system created artifacts quickly, so that the user has these artifacts ready for review in the shortest time possible. We have had reports from beta testers that W4 has blistering fast indexing speeds, compared to similar products from other vendors. By default, W4 does not index every item in the source dataset like how it is done in Intella (although, there is an option which does allow this). When triaging evidence, the most pertinent artifacts are from user created/altered data/documents, and system artifacts. W4 is designed to take a quick look into the evidence to identify usage on a system. The results can help the investigator to decide whether further investigation is required. If further investigation is required, the evidence can be ingested into an Intella case where you have the full suite of tools and functionality to process and analyse the data. During the ingestion process, Intella allows the user to choose a number of options for the ingestion of the W4 case. The user can expand the already tagged items which are in the W4 case using the Smart Search features. More evidence/artifacts can be identified that are similar to the items in the W4 tags. The new artifacts and data are reported when the ingestion process is complete.
  14. New feature in W4: We have added a reporting wizard that allows the user to create fully customizable reports in W4. The report wizard includes these features: Custom fields can be added to the report so that information specific to the investigation (e.g. case name, case ID, dates, examiner, report author etc.) can be included in the report. Sections can be added to the report. A Section is a configurable form which you use to report data and artifacts. This could include data that you have selected, data that you have tagged, or data from one of the categories on the left of W4. With each section, the user can set which metadata fields should be shown in the report for the artifacts being reported. The original files can be exported with the report. The reported will contain hyperlinks to the exported files so they can be quickly reviewed in their native application from the report. The page orientation for each section can be configured independently. This is useful for setting the matching page orientation for the specific data being reported. E.g. a Landscape page orientation can be used when reporting wide table data. The display type for each section can be configured independently. This allows the data to be shown in Table view (useful for tabular data), Events view (useful for timeline), or Image gallery view. With image view the number of image columns per page can be configured. Notes and tags can be added to the section data when shown in Events view. Notes are useful to add more information about artifacts. When creating link graphs of artifacts, these link graphs can be captured and use in reports. The report can be exported in useful formats - PDF or DOCX.
  15. Hi all, Here are some updates regarding the progress of W4. Where are we at with the official release? We are planning to have our first official release of W4 this week. The installer for the release will be available for download to our beta testers in the next few days. Beta testers will be able to test the new features which have been added since the beta version was released last year. What new features have been included since the beta release? There have been a number of new features added since the beta version. The new features can't all fit into one post, so over the next few days we will post some of the new features that have been added to W4. That said, here is a short list of what we have added: Reporting wizard which allows for a lot of flexibility when creating forensic reports Ingest a W4 case into Intella Colorized tags for easier tag identification Special Note function. This is useful for adding additional information to discovered artefacts New type of visualization in the Summary tab Thumbnail view for image files Email headers tab
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