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  1. Hi cayerpm, Alex is referring to the standard text search only for Metadata values. As he points out, regex searches work only for the full text of items (not the metadata).
  2. jon.pearse

    Deduplication Ordering

    Hi Todd, You can use the 'Has duplicates' category in the Features facet to show all of the duplicates. Then use the Deduplicate button to show the first instance of all duplicates.
  3. Hi Fuzed, Is this Apple mail or Outlook for Mac? If it is Apple mail then we may be able to provide a pre-release snapshot that you can try.
  4. Hi, You could try Tag Groups.This is from the user manual. "These columns are created for every top-level tag with sub-tags. When selected, the corresponding column shows the tags within that part of the tag tree. The column will be named after the top-level tag. For example, when a tag named “Relevancy” has been created with subtags “Relevant”, “Non-Relevant” and “Privileged”, the tag group in the column chooser would be called “Relevancy”. Enabling it would add a column named “Relevancy” to the table, with the “Relevant”, “Non-Relevant” and “Privileged” tags as possible values for those items that have been tagged as such".
  5. jon.pearse

    Export sort order--possible bug

    Hi Todd, Thanks for the explanation. You could try the following which may help before the overlay feature is added. When you create the second export set, you could use the Export ID column from the first export set as a document ID. That way the second export set will get exactly the same document IDs.
  6. jon.pearse

    Export sort order--possible bug

    Hi Todd, Thanks for your detailed explanation. Re your suggestions: - give users the ability to overlay data into custom columns post-indexing; This is on our 'to do' list. It is not going to be in the November release, but we are aiming to add it to the following release. - give us the ability to adjust Export Set configurations for subsequent exports; and Can you provide more details regarding this. You can currently add to an existing Export set. - enable the option to use current table sort order for load file exports. We will investigate the issue where you can't export in the order of the Review tab. But in regards to load file exports, this order is currently fixed. Attachments to emails are always exported directly after their parent email. This keeps these document families together, and allows for sequential review of parent items and attachments.
  7. Hi, I used the settings shown in my last screenshot, and the pages for the email and attachment are individually, and sequentially numbered as expected. The numbering for the next item being exported starts from the next number where the last exported document finished. 00000001.pdf
  8. Hi Adam, the team are working on Outlook for Mac and the new Apple mail format now. They should be complete either in the next release (November), or the release following that.
  9. jon.pearse

    Deduplication Ordering

    Hi, During indexing we identify the first instance of a file, then when we come across duplicates, these are marked as duplicates. We don't select which item (based on location) should be the primary file, then all other are duplicates. You may have a situation where someone may want Outlook to be the primary file for deduplication, then someone else may want Exchange mail to be the primary file etc.
  10. jon.pearse

    Additional Deduping

    Hi Todd, A configurable message hash algorithm is on its way. We plan to add this in the next few months. If you don't mind me asking, how would you use this feature? What issues do you have currently?
  11. jon.pearse

    Keyword statistics

    Hi Todd, When you say 'unique hits', do you mean unique documents that have hits? E.g. if a document contains 5 different keywords from the KW list, the document is counted only once.
  12. jon.pearse

    OCR Errors

    Hi, It is best to move this query to our support system as we require some data from you. Can you submit a support ticket in the support portal and attach the main and warning log files from the case. Also, we need samples of the problematic files for testing.
  13. jon.pearse

    Indexing Text Messages

    Hi, If I understand your question correctly, you want to index all the data so that Intella recognizes it as proper emails instead of just text, is that correct? If so, there may be two solutions to that: 1. Convert all the data to an email format which is supported by Intella (e.g. EML files, MBOX, PST and so on). That will need to be done with a 3rd party tool. 2. If certain data can't be converted to email format, you could convert it to a CSV and then import it as a load file. That should also work, but we recommend that you try it out first on a small dataset to make sure it works fine. If you choose this second option, you should understand how load files work, including the parent-child relationships, and links to texts and natives files. This might not be a trivial task if you have never worked with load files before.
  14. Hi, Can you check that the encoding of the DAT file matches with the encoding of the extracted text files. We have seen issues in the past where the encoding is different and the load file will not load. You could try making a copy of the LF and editing it so that you have only a few records for testing. Then check the encoding of the text file and the DAT. If the text files are different, these will need to be converted to the same encoding. You can use Notepad++ to check, and convert the encoding of the text files.
  15. jon.pearse

    Case merging

    Hi Adam, this is not related to related to Team/Viewer work product (which is based on annotations). This feature involves exporting actual items (e.g. mail and documents) and their associated metadata and annotations to a new, or an existing case. Yes, in other words, it is full case merging.