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  1. Hi, We have some internal development tickets to detect color and B&W images, and to improve the exporting functionality for load files. We are not sure when these features will be added though.
  2. Hi Delson, Yes, Lotus Notes is required to process .NSF files. This is something that will continue to be required in the future with Intella and Connect to process .NSF files. Another option is to first use a 3rd party tool to convert the .NSF file into a supported format like .PST, then you can ingest the .PST file into Intella.
  3. Hi Shaun, The embedded images option should have OCRed the embedded images. We are not sure why that did not occur. Possibly the images were not .png, or ABBYY did not find anything in them? If you want us to take a look at the PDF then you can open a support ticket and send it to us for testing. Note that the PDF document will not show any OCR if the image was OCRed. Only the embedded image will have OCR text attached to it. To OCR that PDF you will need to remove the 'empty only' filter as this PDF does have text and it is not empty.
  4. Hi Jacques, Connect has built-in auditing of activity that occurs in the case. To see this you need to have the case shared and a user needs to be logged in to the case. Then click on the Activity tab. Select your case from the dropdown. If you want to just see log in activity, select that option only from the Event types list. E.g.
  5. Hi, note that the list of cases is stored in the Windows user profile that is used to start Connect. If you have Connect starting as a service with say AccountA then that is where the list of cases will reside. E.g. C:\Users\AccountA\AppData\Roaming\Intella. If the service is not started and you manually start Connect with AccountB (e.g. You are logged on to the server with AccountB and you start Connect from the desktop icon), then you will not see the cases in Connect. This is because Connect is looking in AccountB's user profile, which does not have any cases in it.
  6. Hi, we will likely need a sample of the email to try and work out what the issue is. Can you submit a support ticket please.
  7. Hi, We are not sure how Synology might be related to the case size. Can you provide more details like screenshots of Intella showing incorrect size and the size in explorer. If there is any information in the screenshots which is sensitive, then you can submit a support ticket in the support portal instead, and send the screenshots there in the ticket. Another thing you can try is to copy the data to a local drive and see if the issue is reproducible. If it is not reproducible then it could be that the Synology system is reporting the wrong information.
  8. Hi, Have a look in the user manual at Section 28 regarding Command-line support. It allows for running tasks.
  9. Hi, No, not by csv directly. It is possible to import custodians via an overlay, but the problem is that the item IDs won't match. The item IDs in the compound case and in the sub cases will be different, therefore it won't work.
  10. Hi, Yes, only tags are visible in the compound case. Everything else remains unavailable. Here is the relevant part from the UM:
  11. Hi Simon, The answer to your question is no and it is because it work like this. When you open with the external app, Intella will export the file from the original evidence source and it will be opened it in its native application (e.g. outside of Intella). Once you have made changes, the external app will ask you to save the file and to choose a file location. That is also outside or, and independent of Intella. The only way to get the file back into Intella is to index it as a new source. There is no file replacement feature in Intella at the moment, but that is on the road map to be added.
  12. Hi, We will likely need the logs to investigate these errors. Can you submit a support ticket with the detail you have provided in this post via the support portal please. https://support.vound-software.com/ We will also need: 1) The case logs for the time period when these errors occurred. 2) The version you are using. 3) Your dongle ID. This page shows several way to find your dongle ID. https://www.vound-software.com/software-downloads
  13. Hi David, Check out the Recipient Count section in the user manual for more information on how to do this.
  14. Hi, Can you submit a support ticket via the support portal please. https://support.vound-software.com/ The technical team will need the following: 1) Your dongle ID. This page shows how to find your dongle ID. https://www.vound-software.com/software-downloads 2) A full description of the issue. Please include screenshots of the issue and any errors which are shown on the screen.
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