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  1. Hi John, No, that is not possible in Intella as only emails can be exported to PST format. Note that Outlook would likely not be able to display conversation items if they were able to be exported to PST format.
  2. Hi Trina, you can use the Date Facet to search for different dates. You can use the column chooser to show the different dates in the Details table. From there they can be sorted. Finally, if you sort the table by the Primary date column, this will show you which items do not have any dates.
  3. Yes, we support Cellebrite reports as a source. As long as the size of the evidence is 100GB or less, you should not have an issue with your 100GB license.
  4. Hi Francois, you could try this command. setup-intella-x64-2.4.1.exe /s /D=C:\CustomIntellaFolder
  5. Hi, if you find that this is not resolved and you still have issues, please submit a support ticket via the support portal.
  6. Hi, The video files will need to be exported from the case and reviewed in their native program.
  7. Hi Joseph, I don't think you can see this count unless you preview the item. We have the stats shown the other way around though. E.g. this is where you can see how many items are respondent by each keyword. This is shown in the Keywords tab after you have run a keyword list.
  8. Hi, no this is not supported in Intella for PST exports. The redaction option you have for a PST export is to suppress the redacted item. When exporting to Original format, PDF and load files, you have an option to export the redacted image instead of the native item.
  9. Vound is pleased to announce the official release of W4 1.1.1. For current W4 customers, W4 1.1.1 is available from the Downloads section of our website. You will need your dongle ID to download this update. More information can be found here: https://www.vound-software.com/software-downloads Users with a W4 1.1.x license on their dongle can use this version. If your dongle does not have this version, you will need to update your dongle using Dongle.Manager.exe which is located in the folder where W4 is installed on your system. For non W4 customers, for a limited time you can g
  10. Hi Chris, It is in the 2.4 Connect admin manual. We will send you a link in the support portal.
  11. Hi Chris, You just install Node on the new system, and plug your new dongle into that system (you will receive the activation instructions soon). Once done, the information and steps for adding Nodes to Connect is shown in Section 7.3.2 of the Connect admin manual. Note that all processing/Node systems should be separate to your Connect server. Processing cases with Node/Pro, and sharing cases on the same system is not supported.
  12. Hi fuzed, I'm not sure which instructions you are using. Note that because these online services change their connection settings often, we have removed the guides from Intella in version 2.4. The guides are now on the support Knowledge Base. https://support.vound-software.com/help/en-us/3-faq/55-collecting-data-from-a-gmail-source
  13. Hi, The 250 size limit for your license is calculated on the evidence size. The evidence size limit relates to the cumulative file size of the evidence files as reported by Windows Explorer. E.g., if explorer reports a PST file as 2GB, then the evidence size for the PST is 2GB when added to a case. Note that the case size may be different, e.g. shown as 3GB, when the PST is indexed. Are you using the latest version version of Intella (2.4)? Are you indexing the source data from a local drive in the system (e.g. not a network or USB drive)? Also, any indexing tasks which have not comp
  14. Hi, You can export any of the metadata columns to a csv file. highlight all of your emails that you want to report on in the Details table right click on the items in the Details table then select Export - CSV file Select all of the metadata fields (columns) that you want in your report, and path to the location where you want to export the report to. Click on export.
  15. Hi all, At this point the only way to exclude the "Message Headers" and "Raw Data" fields is to use the check boxes. That said, there is a work around, but it would be time consuming if you have a lot of keywords. In that case you could use field specific searches, and not include the Message Headers and Raw Data fields in the search. E.g. if you were looking for the word house, but not in the Message Headers or Raw Data fields, you could type something like this: text:house OR title:house OR path:house OR summary:house..... and so on until all fields apart from the Message Headers
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