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  1. Hi, You can export any of the metadata columns to a csv file. highlight all of your emails that you want to report on in the Details table right click on the items in the Details table then select Export - CSV file Select all of the metadata fields (columns) that you want in your report, and path to the location where you want to export the report to. Click on export.
  2. Hi all, At this point the only way to exclude the "Message Headers" and "Raw Data" fields is to use the check boxes. That said, there is a work around, but it would be time consuming if you have a lot of keywords. In that case you could use field specific searches, and not include the Message Headers and Raw Data fields in the search. E.g. if you were looking for the word house, but not in the Message Headers or Raw Data fields, you could type something like this: text:house OR title:house OR path:house OR summary:house..... and so on until all fields apart from the Message Headers
  3. Vound is pleased to announce the official release of W4 1.1.0. For current W4 customers, W4 1.1.0 is available from the Downloads section of our website. You will need your dongle IT to download this update. More information can be found here: https://www.vound-software.com/software-downloads Users with a W4 1.1.x license can use this version. If your dongle does not have this version, you will need to update your dongle using Dongle.Manager.exe which is located in the folder where W4 is installed on your system. For non W4 customers, for a limited time you can get access to a f
  4. Hi, We will likely need to look at the logs for this case. Can you submit a support ticket so we can discuss further please. https://support.vound-software.com/#login
  5. Hi, This is something that is external to Intella, and more specific to Outlook. Someone in the community may be able to provide some advice, but you may find more information by researching this topic on Google or Microsoft's support site.
  6. Hi, We will likely need to review the logs etc. Can you submit a support ticket please.
  7. Hi, Sources can be renamed in "Edit Source" dialog, but that will add the new name to the existing source name. The only way to completely change the source name in the location facet is to remove the source, then add it in again, and index it.
  8. Hi fuzed, You will probably want to use RAID 1 or 5 if you want some kind of redundancy. Connect can be setup to run as a service on desktop or server versions of Windows.
  9. We have recently had some customers report an issue when Installing Intella, Connect or W4. The issue is that the Intella/Connect/W4 install process crashes, and in some cases, it can cause the system to blue screen. This issue has occurred after the user has updated to the new Windows 10 19041, or 2004 version. It appears that the new Windows updates have some type of conflict with the Sentinel Hasp drivers used in our products. We don't know if this issue occurs with every system that has been updated to 19041 or 2004. But, we do know that the users who experienced this issue have up
  10. Hi, We have a number of training courses from beginner to advanced levels. More information regarding training can be seen on our website. https://www.vound-software.com/support#training
  11. Hi dale, We have added support for indexing AFF4 images to W4. This will be available in the next release (or, you can get a beta version earlier if you are on the beta testers list). The format will likely be ported to Intella in a future release.
  12. Hi, You can split a PST export in to parts by size. More information is in Section 26.2.10 of the user manual.
  13. Hi, Are you using the latest version of Intella? If so, there may be something odd with the dataset. Please submit a support ticket for troubleshooting further.
  14. Hi, Can you provide more information on what you are trying to do please. Are you saying that some items that were exported in a previous production are being exported in a new production, and you want to use the original bates numbering for those items?
  15. Hi, You can try using a Saved search for the KW list and the tag as a filter.
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