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  1. Sorry my screenshot did not show the full string. You need to add the ABC (or whatever prefix you want) at the beginning. Yes, the files are renamed with the DocIDs. That is usually how load files are made. To set encremental numbering on each page you need to use the Page_Name setting.
  2. Hi FP1, Here is an example of how I have my numbering setup. In this example a group number is used, but in your case you can remove the %000group%. text from the Advanced field.
  3. Hi FP1, Intella has all of the options which you have listed when exporting to load file format. You can also search for Export IDs in Intella.
  4. Hi FP1, Can you explain what a traditional bates labeling scheme is please.
  5. If the "All rights Reserve" phrase is recognized/separated as a paragraph, you could use the paragraph exclusion on that phrase. That is kind of works like an ignore. E.g. there are no hits returned on this particular phrase if they are in a document. E.g.
  6. Hi, what search criteria are you using with the NOT operator to identity the false hits?
  7. Hi, the only way to export the Insight info is with the HTML option.
  8. Hi, You can set the source location in the Sources tab. Select the source that you want to change and use the folder icon to browse to the new source location. E.g.
  9. Just a quick update. 2FA has been added to Connect in version 2.4.2. More information can be found in the 2.4.2 release notes below. https://www.vound-software.com/docs/2.4.2/Intella-Connect-2.4.2-Release-Notes.pdf
  10. Hi, some good news, and not so good news. The good news is that we have actually improved proximity searches to do what you need to do. In this example I have searched for 'personal information' within 5 words of 'protected' and this is the result. The not so good news is that this is a very recent change and it wont be available until the next release (version 2.5). We are aiming for this release in September provided all tasks and testing has been completed.
  11. Hi, I would start with the search for "contact list". I would tag the results, then run a proximity search for "wilson contact"~2 only over those results. The limitation is that you could get false positives with this approach. For example, there may be a document that has the phrase "contact list", which is respondent for the first search. But, that same document may also have the word 'contact' within two words of 'wilson' (e.g. something like "I asked him to contact Wilson...."). In this case the proximity search will have a positive hit on this, but, it is not what you are looking for (e.g. "contact list" within two words of Wilson). That said, I think this situation would be very rare given what you are looking for. And. it would be easy to review such a low number of false positives if they occur.
  12. Hi Jonas, you could try this: 1) Ingest both PST files into the same case. 2) Search for all mail items in one of the PST files. Then, extract a list for the Message hash values of these emails. 3) Run these has values over the second PST file. 4) Tag the remaining emails that were not respondent to the message hash search. These are the emails which are not in the first PST. 5) Repeat the process but, create a list from the second PST, and search across the first PST to identify the unique items in that PST. Please note that this is an example only. I have mentioned only messages in this workflow. You may need to include other items such as scheduling items etc. if these other items should be included. Please run quality checks to ensure that no items have been left out or unaccounted for.
  13. Vound is pleased to announce the official release of W4 1.1.2. For current W4 customers, W4 1.1.2 is available from the Downloads section of our website. You will need your dongle ID to download this update. More information can be found here: https://www.vound-software.com/software-downloads Users with a W4 1.1.x license on their dongle can use this version. If your dongle does not have this version, you will need to update your dongle using Dongle.Manager.exe which is located in the folder where W4 is installed on your system. For non W4 customers, for a limited time you can get access to a fully functional copy of W4 here: https://www.vound-software.com/download-request-w4 Please read the Release Notes before installing or upgrading, to ensure you do not affect any active cases. Highlights Added support for X-Ways images (CTR and E01 files). Added support for displaying HEIC/HEIF images. Stability improvements across all components. Release Notes W4-1.1.2-Release-Notes.pdf For additional information, please visit our W4 website website.
  14. HI Shaun, Note that you can increase/decrease these amounts of memory to get to a whole number like your desired 8GB. First drag the slider, then let it go where it is close to the number which you want. Then use the right/left arrow keys to fine tune the amount. Note that you need to actually hold down the arrow key to have the number increase or decrease. In this example I get 7.03GB when I drag the slider. But, now I hold down the left arrow key and the number counts down. I stop at 7GB.
  15. Hi Shaun, We have created a development ticket for this. It should be added in a future version.
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