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  1. Yes, iMessages is what I want! ? When can I get this functionality? ? Blink blink... /Jonas
  2. Hi, I tried the "iCloud" add data source today using Intella 2.1.1. I was impressed that 2FA integration worked without a issue (not straight forward on some other tools I use). Though, for the AppleId user I tested this on I specifically wanted to import text messages as well as mail. I found no option for text... Is there a reason for why text is not included? Possibility to include this in future? Great would be if a full iCloud backup could be collected using Intella as well! Thanks, Jonas
  3. Thanks Jon for you quick response. Not a critical issue for me right now. Looking forward to future support (hopefully not that future though ?).
  4. Hi, In a recent case I came across loads of *.olk15Message files originating from an Apple Mac computer. It is easy (using Encase) to identify these as some kind of e-mail files. Searching for the file extension type on the web, I found information of that the file originates from the MS Outlook client for Macintosh. Since my Intella (v2.1.1.) identifies the files as "unknown binary file" (not displaying any content) I want to know if there is a way to force these files to be indexed or if there is future plans for including these in the standard indexing. Anyone who can share some m
  5. Thank you Adam and Admin for your feedback. I will roll up my shirt sleves and start working...
  6. Hi all, I am pretty new to Intella so maybe this is a simple challange to most of you! In a corporate case involving 35,000 emails (from several PST's) thera are 29,000 individual e-mail addresses. Out of these only five individuals are of interest. And only e-mails that are sent (or received) involving 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the named five individuals - excluding any mails where any of the other 28,995 users are part of. Is there a smart way to achieve this challange using Intella? If I perform a simple search for the named five individuals I end up with close to 35,000 emails. I
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