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  1. You can also use batching to batch the items, then assign the batches to the various reviewers. This is more for the review side though.
  2. Hi, You could do this by first tagging the items that you want to share. Connect has its own embedded instant messaging feature. The tag can be dragged to the person you want to share the results with, and they will see the tag in their own IM. They can then click on the tag, and a cluster will be shown with those results that you want them to see. Note that the users will need these permissions. Main UI: can use Search Can send and receive Instant Messages
  3. Answer can be found under: https://support.vound-software.com/#knowledge_base/1/locale/en-us/answer/70
  4. Hi, Have you actually run the email threading process of a selection of email types? E.g. Highlight the emails that you want to thread, Right click on the selection and select 'Email threading', then select the appropriate email threading options.
  5. Hi 068, Have you logged on to the support site before submitting the ticket? If so, then maybe you can ask your IT team to help with the error. Perhaps they have blocked access to the support site, or have some security in place somewhere? Yes, it is always best to use the latest release. 2.1 has a number of new features that you can read in the release notes. Note that cases made with 2.0.1 need to be converted before you can use them in 2.1, but that is a straight forward process. Also, I expect that we will be releasing 2.1.1 within the next 2 weeks. Maybe it is better to wait for that release?
  6. Hi 068, Can you submit a support ticket on the support portal please. We will need the case logs. Dont post them here, it is best to send them with the ticket that you create. Jon
  7. Hi Adam, I will forward your requests to the development team. Re searching for emails which ONLY involve person A and person B. As you know, this is a bit of a manual process currently. Just thinking of ideas (and please chip in as well), would a window where you can manually type in the known email addresses work? When the addresses are entered, you click a search button and Intella shows the emails where these people must be senders and receivers. It could be expanded to allow for multiple email addresses for each person. Just an idea. I would have to check with the development team whether this could actually be done. Any other ideas? Jon
  8. Hi Cayerpm, The "Print Report" option doesn't have any configuration unfortunately. It will always include "Other's Tags". What you can do is use a normal export to PDF format (right click the item in the Details table and select, export highlighted results, then select the PDF option). You will need to configure the export under the PDF Rendering Options window. 1) On the left side, select the top Configure button. 2) Expand the Review options 3) Uncheck the Other's tags option I hope this helps.
  9. Hi, In an email thread you can have inclusive, and non-inclusive emails. When you read all of the Inclusive emails, you read all of the information in the entire thread (provided that there are no missing emails). The non-inclusive emails do not contain all of the information in the thread, and therefore do not need to be read. For example, if a thread contained 3 emails, and the last email contained the information from the first two emails, the last email will be inclusive. The first two emails won't have the information from the last email (because the last email was sent at a later date), so they are classified as non-inclusive. The hide non-inclusive button hide these emails leaving you with one email to read, which contains the entire thread.
  10. Hi Qasimshah, Can you submit a support ticket please. We may require the log files so it is best to manage this issue through a support ticket. In the ticket, please give a full description of the issue (provide screenshots if necessary), list the software (e.g. Team or Connect), list the version that you are using and list your dongle number.
  11. Information can be found under: https://support.vound-software.com/#knowledge_base/1/locale/en-us/answer/69
  12. Hi John, Sorry, I read the heading of the thread literally and answered based on Irrelevant items, which is a feature that we have in Intella. Adam has provided a good answer. I hope this helps.
  13. Hi John, You can hide the irrelevant types by using the 'Hide irrelevant' button next to the Deduplicate button. A list of what is classed as irrelevant can be seen in the Irrelevant items tab (go to File > Preferences).
  14. Information can be found under: https://support.vound-software.com/#knowledge_base/1/locale/en-us/answer/68
  15. Hi, Thanks for the explanation. I don't think there is any way to allow a user to have permissions to the Search tab, but restrict them to viewing activities only. The only work around that I can think of is for the "common reviewer", or an admin to create batches of the items which were tagged by the "common reviewer". The "read-only" reviewer then only gets the Review permission so that they can review the documents, and make a judgement as to whether they are tagged correctly or not.
  16. Hi, Can you provide more information about the 'read only' user that you want to create please. Being able to add, delete and modify existing tags from documents does not sound like a read only user. Can you give some more examples regarding what this user can, and cannot do please.
  17. Information can be found under: https://support.vound-software.com/#knowledge_base/1/locale/en-us/answer/67/
  18. Information present under: https://support.vound-software.com/#knowledge_base/1/locale/en-us/answer/65
  19. Hi Jason, Currently it is a single threaded process. This may be changed to a multi threaded process in a future version.
  20. Hi Jason, It is shown in the 2.0 release notes. "Added PDF and Thumbnail pre-generation tasks". https://www.vound-software.com/docs/2.0/Intella-Connect-2.0-Release-Notes.pdf
  21. Hi Jason, This feature is actually in the current release ( which you can download from the support portal. We are aiming to release version 2.1 next week is all goes well with testing.
  22. Hi Jason, We have added a feature that allows the user to pre-generate PDFs for specific files. This is a background task that you can setup and run before document review. If your review dataset has a lot of Word docs, PDFs etc, you can group all of these files into a tag. You can then run a background task (under Settings) to pre-generate the PDF view for these items. Once complete, the documents will load instantaneously during review process.
  23. Hi Daniel, Outlook for MAC is not currently supported. We advise customers to convert the .olm files using a 3rd party tool to a format that is supported by Intella.
  24. Hi George, Can you check these items to make sure they a not a factor for the slowness. 1) Could your AV be causing the slowness issue during the export? May be try exporting with the AV disabled. 2) Is your disk fragmented or near full?
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