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Found 2 results

  1. Hi! I would like to auto-tag items via a keyword list--but only if those items do not contain exclusionary keywords. In other words, I want to tag all the items that contain the keywords from List A but *do not* contain the keywords from List B. I know that I can run List B and exclude the results. If I then auto-tag List A, however, all items from List A are tagged, ignoring the exclusion of List B. Does anyone know of a good way get this task done efficiently? I can do this manually by auto-tagging List A, then running List B, and removing the tags of items contained in both lists. The extra steps of this process invite human error, though, so I'd prefer not to have to do it this way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much! Bryan
  2. in particular when we have cases with multiple custodians we sometimes get questions like: How can I limit my searches to custodian A's items from 2014? Currently Connect combines the inclusion and exclusion filters with 'OR' logic. So, applying the filters 'include custodian A' and 'include year 2014' will not yield the desired result. There are several approaches to this. Examples: Introduce simple switches that change the logic of the include and exclude filters from OR to AND and vice versa Introduce an expert-mode 'advanced' button where the logic of the applied filters can be changed. Specifically it should be able to group conditions and to use/change operators such as AND, OR, NOT. Personally I feel both might be useful. The simple logic-switch for the less experienced and then the advanced logic 'editor' for the experienced. Many thanks! Dominique
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