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  2. Sorry my screenshot did not show the full string. You need to add the ABC (or whatever prefix you want) at the beginning. Yes, the files are renamed with the DocIDs. That is usually how load files are made. To set encremental numbering on each page you need to use the Page_Name setting.
  3. Jon, much appreciated, but I am not getting the results I discussed above. Your config appear to be renaming the files with sequential numbers, and every page of a multipage file is getting the same number. Additionally my Intella (2.4.2) seems to be ignoring the prefix I designate. I confirmed that based on this configuration, each file, regardless of page count, get the next sequential number. Additionally, I am unclear on what endorsement option to choose in "Headers and Footers" to get a bates label endorsement on the image. Is there a step-by-step walk through to get a bates labeled load file export?
  4. Hi FP1, Here is an example of how I have my numbering setup. In this example a group number is used, but in your case you can remove the %000group%. text from the Advanced field.
  5. Jon, I am very happy to hear this. I must admit, I have tried to get the result I want but have not been able to. I checked the user manal and the forums but dont see any kind of write-up or documentation for how to creates a prefixed ("ABC000001") bates label on each page in a load file export and include this as the load file file name and also in the CSV. Is there documentation of how to accomplish this?
  6. Hi FP1, Intella has all of the options which you have listed when exporting to load file format. You can also search for Export IDs in Intella.
  7. You bet Jon. Most of my attorney clients require bates labels to: -have a predefined prefix (e.g. "ABC") -have a predefined number of digits backfilled with zeros (e.g. "ABC0000001") that is ultimately embossed on an exported PDF/TIFF in a load file -have each individual page in an item (email, document) assigned sequential bates labels -have child objects (email attachments) labelled sequentially directly after the parent item -have a load file reflect the beginning and ending bates label for an item (e.g. "BegBates", "EndBates") -have a load file reflect the beginning bates label of any parent/child item associated with the item When the load file is exported, it is customary to rename the native files to the beginning bates number, and name the text extraction and PDF/TIFF with the bates number as well. The actual file name (or email subject) is referenced in the .csv, .dat, etc... that is exported with the load file. The bates number/range of the item would need to be recorded within the database so that it could be (a) searched for, and (b) re-applied if the item required re-production for any reason. Am I missing somewhere in Intella where this functionality exists? Feel free to contact me directly if there is anything else I can add. Let me know if you need my contact info.
  8. Hi FP1, Can you explain what a traditional bates labeling scheme is please.
  9. I did not realize the Statistics option was available, thanks! The implementation of export sets is not a traditional bates labeling scheme that is customary in the legal world. Is there any plan to implement traditional bates labelling into the system?
  10. Hello PF1. 1. You can view statistics now by pressing the RMB -> Show -> Statistics Example in the attached screenshot. 2.We believe that the Export Sets functionality might suit your needs. Please review the user manual for Intella, section 13.2.4 or see the following link for the Intella Connect Reviewer manual: https://www.vound-software.com/docs/connect/2.4.2/Intella Connect Reviewer Manual.html#_export_sets_2
  11. Just checking in to express two wishes... One old and one new. 1. Back in 2014 when I started this "V2" thread, it was to request a bump of a feature request. That feature was the ability to highlight any number of search results in the results listing and see the total size of the selection. Seven years later and I still have to export out a CSV and tally the total size in Excel. 2. Bates Labeling. TRUE bates labeling. Not page numbering with a prefix, but bates labeling that persists within the case over time. If I need to re-produce data, it should get re-produced with the same bates label as before. Thanks,
  12. Can you tell us what version of Intella you are using? 2.4.2 is the latest version.
  13. Further to the above, I did find a work around. I have a text file with all bulk email addresses (one per line). Where I don't care if they are all one identity, I create an identity and add all those addresses to that identity, Bulk Emails. On that note, probably the easiest experience for an end user would be the ability to export/import identities. In a corporate environment, you may have identities that you would like to have added to all cases you work. Being able to import identities that you exported from another case would be helpful. Ideally, being able to do multiple imports in case you have identities from a few different cases you want to bring in. Or where you export identities to different export files based on the organizational structure of your organization e.g., accounting, IT, payroll, etc. Whatever name you want to give to the files when you export so that you can selectively import what you want in a case.
  14. Are you using 2.4.2? If so please PM us your dongle ID>
  15. Can anyone tell me what to do as indexing at 99% but looks like not progressing further for 5 to 6 hours. What happens if I stop processing? Will it result in any issue?
  16. It would be convenient to be able to import identities from a JSON/XML. In a corporate environment for example, you may have numerous bulk email addresses (i.e. All-Staff type of emails). I'd like to be able to keep a JSON/XML of identities of all bulk addresses (could also be for lawyers or any other special categories) that I could import into Intella rather than having to enter all those manually. It could also be used to create a list of identities you are interested in for a specific case, although I appreciate that in this latter example, it might be just as easy to do that from the Identities interface in Intella rather than creating an XML to import into Intella. But for cases where you have identities that will cross cases (such as email addresses for bulk emails such as All-Staff and such), it would be very practical to be able to keep a living document of such identities that you can easily import into any case.
  17. Hi Delson! Yes, I agree that this is a very good idea. We have had a ticket about this for a long time, but I think it's time to give it a higher priority. I will try to add it to the 2.5.1 release, as features extensions for upcoming 2.5 are closed now.
  18. Dear, I'd like to suggest that audio and media files were supported in preview item and batch coding. As many investigations use smartphone data, tis fairly commons to and item (chat) bring WhatsApp audio and video file (.ogg and .mp4). Today we need to download the files and play using VLC or media player. The problem is that not all reviewers has Download permission, restricting the people that can review CHATS. Thanks Delson Gonçalves
  19. Guys/Girls, I've got a new server that's been setup and ready to be used for Intella, I'm migrating the data to the new server but not all in one go, so old server is up and running but I need it active for clients. I have an self signed certificate (from previous server manager) which I need to use, but am struggling to get it all to work. I'm trying to understand get the certificate to be recognised by Intella, I've added the new certificates to the Java Keystore, but Intella is asking for the certificates to be added also. Any guidance is appreciated, I don't understand all this certificate stuff so fumble my way through it most of the time.
  20. It works but the paragraphs are somewhat different by a few words but a lot have that same phrase. I removed the email in the paragraph. They are both from postmates but for maybe 3 or 4 messages each but we have over 33k of them. Also, were is the list stored of the paragraphs that you exclude? Fees may vary and apply. Store and offer availability based on user location. Offer only valid for (Email Address of one custodian) through Tuesday, 1/28/2020 at 11:59 pm PT. Limit 2 uses per customer. Customers with multiple Postmates accounts may be excluded from this promotion. Offer is not shareable or transferable. Maximum offer value up to $4 in delivery fee credit per order. Applies to orders over $10. Limited to delivery only. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash or like exchanges. Postmates reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time without notice. Other restrictions may apply Fees may vary and apply. Store and offer availability based on user location. Offer only valid for (Email Address of one custodian) through Monday, 5/17/2021 at 11:59 pm PT. Limit 1 use per customer. Customers with multiple Postmates accounts may be excluded from this promotion. Offer is not shareable or transferable. Offer applies for three consecutive orders following redemption. Maximum offer value up to $6 per order. Applies to orders over $10. Limited to delivery only. Offer cannot be redeemed for cash or like exchanges. Postmates reserves the right to modify or terminate this offer at any time without notice. Other restrictions may apply. Offer must be used before upgrading your Postmates app to the newest version. Once you upgrade you will no longer be eligible to use this particular promotion, but other promotions may be available.
  21. If the "All rights Reserve" phrase is recognized/separated as a paragraph, you could use the paragraph exclusion on that phrase. That is kind of works like an ignore. E.g. there are no hits returned on this particular phrase if they are in a document. E.g.
  22. Reserv* NOT "All rights Reserve" was 1 idea. I do not think it is possible to do a proximity search (I read about the future update to phrases with proximity) but to exclude maybe. Like the picture below should get most of the documents with a phrase but does it exclude the whole item if another term is a hit? We know there are exclusive hits on just that phrase but the case involves reserving room/seats not about some random email that has a disclosure at the bottom about "All rights Reserved" with other variations of that phrase. United States is another phrase I do not think they want a hit on.
  23. Hi, what search criteria are you using with the NOT operator to identity the false hits?
  24. We are doing searches for a client that have terms like Reserv* and United. We are getting a lot of noise hits from phrases that we would just like to remove from the index. Example "All Rights Reserved" or "Postmate reserves the right .." that do not pertain to the case. Trying to use NOT would exclude the item entirely even if it is a hit with reserve somewhere else in the email.
  25. Hi, the only way to export the Insight info is with the HTML option.
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