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  2. Is it possible to export MS Teams conversations to a PST file? When I try, only an empty PST is created and the log file states that the conversations were skipped because "No parent email is found for the item". I have no issues exporting to a TXT file or PDF.
  3. Hi Trina, you can use the Date Facet to search for different dates. You can use the column chooser to show the different dates in the Details table. From there they can be sorted. Finally, if you sort the table by the Primary date column, this will show you which items do not have any dates.
  4. It would be really helpful if we could search and sort items by different dates. Specifically by create or access or modified and include the ability to include/exclude items with NO corresponding dates.
  5. Yes, we support Cellebrite reports as a source. As long as the size of the evidence is 100GB or less, you should not have an issue with your 100GB license.
  6. Hi Francois, you could try this command. setup-intella-x64-2.4.1.exe /s /D=C:\CustomIntellaFolder
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  8. Hello, around the same subject, is there an option to set a custom install location, running the setup.exe in command line? Even unsupported... François
  9. If I have a cellebrite extraction, can my Intella 100G dongle ingest that report and OCR everything in it? I've only ever used for email analysis. Thank you.
  10. @Paolo1982 we are adding 2FA in next version of Intella Connect. You will be able to use Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator to sign in. We are also thinking about integrating it with LDAP accounts, do you happen to be using it too?
  11. @Brendan Payne we are adding 2FA in next version of Intella Connect. You will be able to use Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator to sign in. We are also thinking about integrating it with LDAP accounts, do you happen to be using it too?
  12. Hi Delson, If I'm not mistaken your colleague has also created a ticket about this in our official support portal and it has already been handled there. Hope that information reached to you too.
  13. Hi Delson, Yes, I totally agree and we are planning such feature. It's a very tricky one to implement right, but such scalability is important for us and I will make it a top priority once we finish other urgent software maintenance tasks. This won't be anytime soon, but rest assured it's high on our priorities list.
  14. Hi, There are a few tasks, like Hreading and AI Coding that are very machine memory consuming. As those are background tasks, they use the current Intella Connect server memory and processor to ran. It will be verry nice if we could use another machine to perform this kind of tasks, like a NODE machine instead the current Connect Server. TKS Delson
  15. Dear, I'm working in a case that the reviewers are not allowed to print or dolwnload a file. So I ser the premission according those premisses, allowing the reviewers to only access a case in the "review" batch view. The problem is that the plugin used to load the "preview" in batch has the option to print the file. Is there a way to overcome this problem? Delson
  16. So this is a very basic task in Connect. First, you would retrieve the items tagged as YES under your potentially responsive category. Next, you would use the Show Family feature (in Connect, selecting all item in the table view, then right-click > Show Family...). Then, with deduplication disabled (which is important, as duplicate items that may exist across multiple families would otherwise not be selected, resulting in incomplete families), select the results that include that families (i.e. your original YES tag items, plus their families), then apply a new tag to the entirety of the
  17. Intella Connect 2.4.1 version has just been officially released.
  18. Vound is pleased to announce the official release of Intella and Intella Connect 2.4.1. Intella and Intella Connect 2.4.1 are available from the Downloads section in the Vound Support Portal, after logging in with your email address and password. Users with a 2.3.x license need to use the Dongle Manager to update their dongle to the 2.4.x license. Please read the Release Notes before installing or upgrading, to ensure you do not affect any active cases. Highlights Added a top-level Sources tab, adding the ability to (re)index individual sources. Added support for Mic
  19. Hi - I would like to batch documents based on a potentially responsive tag of "yes". But when i do so, I want to also batch all documents in the family, even if they were not tagged potentially responsive. Is there a way to do that? Thanks.
  20. I thought as much, thanks Jon.
  21. Hi, if you find that this is not resolved and you still have issues, please submit a support ticket via the support portal.
  22. Hi, The video files will need to be exported from the case and reviewed in their native program.
  23. I have two Azure VM's which are hosting both Intella Connect (v2.4) and Intella Node on Windows 2016. I have a physical desktop Windows 10 machine that is running Intella Connect as a service and is hosting the license dongle. I have attempted to start the service (IntellaConnectService) using my domain service account, but I receive an Error 1069: The service did not start due to a logon failure. I do use the right password and domain service account. So I start the IntellaConnectService as a Local System Log On. However, the service does not stay running properly and has to be restarted.
  24. I have a case where numerous devices have been seized and the client wants to be able to review video footage, obviously this could cause bandwith to be used heavily on the server, but is there a way to do it in Intella connect, or would the client have to tag/export those items they want to view?
  25. Hi Joseph, I don't think you can see this count unless you preview the item. We have the stats shown the other way around though. E.g. this is where you can see how many items are respondent by each keyword. This is shown in the Keywords tab after you have run a keyword list.
  26. Hi, no this is not supported in Intella for PST exports. The redaction option you have for a PST export is to suppress the redacted item. When exporting to Original format, PDF and load files, you have an option to export the redacted image instead of the native item.
  27. Is there any way to show the number of hits an item has in the table view (that is, without opening the item in preview)? And to sort by the number of hits? Whenever I open an item in preview, the number of hits is shown in the bottom right. But I don't see any option in the table column headings to see those numbers in the table view.
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