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  3. Although I haven't performed this specific task with CDR data, I'm familiar with it, and have performed similar tasks with all manner of misc. metadata. Right off the bat, the only issue I foresee that you might run into is the inability to map data to certain fields in Intella. Off the top of my head, I don't know if any fields that are essential to communication analysis that cannot be written to, but that's something you would need to investigate. Perhaps a mod could speak to that specific issue. That issue aside, the route to achieving this type of data import is via Intella's load
  4. If you were one of our beta testers on W4 thank you!. Please contact us so we can give you a free copy of the official release as a thank you.
  5. Hi, We will likely need to look at the logs for this case. Can you submit a support ticket so we can discuss further please. https://support.vound-software.com/#login
  6. When I add a new source to the case file, I am getting "unable to crawl sources" error message. Can someone please advise if anyone has experienced this issue before and how can I resolve this? thanks Syed
  7. AT&T records are provided in comma delimited .txt files. I believe Verizon records are provided in .csv. Many of the fields already correspond with Intella’s voice/chat fields. The only publicly available tool I’ve found that processes CDR records in any manner is ZetX, but it’s geared more toward cell tower triangulation and less toward the communication analysis. I think this feature would make Intella significantly more valuable for users in law enforcement and the criminal justice system.
  8. Has anyone attempted to import call detail records (CDR data) from a cellular service provider (AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, etc.) into Intella? I have a LOT of historical voice/SMS/data records, with and without cell tower location information, that were produced by carriers in response to subpoenas. I want to load them into Intella for communication analysis. If anyone has tried this before, I would appreciate any guidance you might be able to offer.
  9. Hello, We certainly plan to look into that export connector. At the moment I cannot predict when that will be available though.
  10. Hi Guys, I have used the export to Relativity for years, but see that Intella can now also interface with Relativity but only on legacy on-pre version. Are there plans to interface the Intella export directly into RelativityOne - i.e the cloud on based offering? I was talking to Brainspace this morning and they already interface to pull and push data from Rel1 so it must be possible.
  11. Unable to load any Lotus ID file into Intela ... but the same ID files are working with Intella 2.3 Error msg when validating the ID is "tried to access class com.vound.utils.notes.NNotesDLL from class com.vound.utils.notes.NotesUtil" Any help ? Thank you
  12. Hi, This is something that is external to Intella, and more specific to Outlook. Someone in the community may be able to provide some advice, but you may find more information by researching this topic on Google or Microsoft's support site.
  13. When I work with Intella I always have open Outlook with a connected mailbox. When I'm reviewing emails in Intella sometimes I open them using "Open in External Application" option and the emails open in Outlook (default application), but I noticed that all emails which I opened externally have saved in my current mailbox in the "Inbox" folder. Disabling the auto-saving option in Outlook didn't resolve the problem. And basically auto-save option has to save emails in the "Drafts" folder by default. Is there a way to solve this problem? Except use different Outlook profiles or use di
  14. Hi, Unfortunately we don't have this feature covered in the UI yet. You'll need to go to your file system and delete the relevant XML file manually from the following location: C:\Users\ACCOUNT_RUNNING_CONNECT\AppData\Roaming\Intella\coding-layouts Since layouts can be cached in memory, this change will be propagated when case is unshared&shared or when it goes into idle mode after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  15. I have created two Global Coding Layouts (can be shared between cases) and I have found that 1 of them is no longer needed but I cannot figure out or find any information on how to delete one. Can someone please inform me how I can delete a global coding layout?
  16. thanks Jon, that's what I did in the end.
  17. Hi, I am also interested in testing the new version.
  18. Hi, We will likely need to review the logs etc. Can you submit a support ticket please.
  19. I have successfully added a few sources to an Intella Pro case (E01s and folders). I am attempting to add one last E01 image and am receiving the following message in the "Select Folders" window: "Unable to retrieve folders." Note: I loaded this problematic image in another tool (XWays Forensics) and am able to see the partitions and folders tree. I tried re-imaging just the primary partition in the E01 using XWays and adding to a new Intella test case: same issue "Unable to retrieve folders." Any ideas on what may be causing this / how to fix? Thanks group.
  20. Hi, Sources can be renamed in "Edit Source" dialog, but that will add the new name to the existing source name. The only way to completely change the source name in the location facet is to remove the source, then add it in again, and index it.
  21. I have a client who sent the data to me but realised the named it incorrectly after it was uploaded, I've renamed the files to reflect what they wanted, and pointed to it Intella, but the location still shows the old file name. It's the same in Connect. Does anyone have a fix? Thanks
  22. I doubt there is any way to hack around it, unfortunately. However this feature request makes a lot of sense, so I will add it to our ticketing system.
  23. Indeed we don't have that feature yet. I assume you'd also like this export to include text surrounding all search hits? I will add a feature request for it to our ticketing system.
  24. Hi, Are you still seeking some guidance here or have you managed to resolve this already?
  25. Hello Serge, You would need to redirect this question to the same channel which you used to register for training. Our engineers are not directly involved in this process.
  26. Thanks Jon, I'll take a look at these options as well - the less downtime the better. I need to decide on hardware now, possibly go with a gigabyte motherboard as I've had issues with Asus boards in the past.
  27. Hi fuzed, You will probably want to use RAID 1 or 5 if you want some kind of redundancy. Connect can be setup to run as a service on desktop or server versions of Windows.
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