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  1. Would be interesting to be able to minimize or un-dock the facets panel to the left of Intella Connect to allow more width for review - or perhaps a section to customize the font size of grids and hits etc?
  2. Using Google Cloud to translate? Interesting... but is there an offline and more secure service or API that Vound might be considering for translation?
  3. Hi there Was wondering if there's a way to use the same Tagging structure that is set up - in a Review (coding) layout. Presently we see all the tags in a dropdown list during coding/review, but often it gets complicated to understand which tag to use in respect of it's parent. For example, during an investigation, we set up objectives, each with keywords run to prove/disprove the allegations per objective. Each objective may have a number of categories and then tags. When pushing these search terms, per category, per objective - we then need the tag for that structure to be accessible as a tree? i.e. the tagging layout would look like the below, and would be good if we could tag the documents as "Vehicle Theft->Vehicle Trackers->Hot" and this then combines the first level review to the respective tag? Objective 1: Vehicle Theft - Vehicle Trackers - (GPS disconnected)~3 - (deactivate tracking)~3 - Guards at Gate Objective 2: Harassment - Email evidence - Witnesses discussion incident First Level Review - Hot - Not relevant - Follow up Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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