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  1. Neil it would be a simple matter to use Intella's inbuilt ability to detect foreign language documents, isolate the 5000 Spanish documents, then export only those documents into the load file.
  2. Chris the only time I've seen this before was when the indexing process was interrupted or failed to complete properly. I would try reindexing (if you haven't already). Also for urgent issues I'd always suggest starting a ticket or emailing support directly, as much as the team try to monitor and reply here I have noticed that from time to time they are not as active as I'd not they'd like to be. I suspect close to update release time they get caught up in the work and can't be here as much....
  3. Hi Jon, do you know if this is high on the priority list to fix, could I humbly suggest bumping it up if it's not? While the work around is simple enough for a couple of documents it's not really something I'd like to contemplate on your average discovery matter with thousands (tens of) documents. Added to that I feel safe in thinking just about any set of documents is going to have this issue. Is there a way for us to identify documents which may have landscape pages en masse with Intella currently?
  4. Corey do you use batching to assist your customers with the review process? I think you could completely exclude irrelevant items when creating the batches, not precisely what you are asking for I know but it's a workable solution, this method would also negate the need for the client to worry about the dedupe button.
  5. Okay Corey, I've found myself with some time on my hands so ran a test on some existing data which I had already used to create a Relativity load file. Below are the steps I took and the results achieved when importing the overlay back into the case. First step is to setup custom columns, I like to do this prior to indexing my source data. Basically add sources but do not index, then once the custom columns are setup go back and 'reindex' the data. You don't have to do this, you can index your data then add custom columns, however you will need to reindex after adding custom columns so yo
  6. Corey I suspect you can accomplish some (if not all) of this currently by using custom columns and then creating an overlay to import back in to the case. I currently have quite a few custom columns that I add to a case before I index any data to avoid the need for reindexing. The parent/child relationship is created when preparing Loadfiles, so I suspect there a way you can leverage this back into the case with an overlay. Sorry I don't have the time at the moment to run any tests and provide you something definitive, but I suspect Jon won't be too far behind in providing something
  7. While you could spend much time testing and trying beta drivers or other tricks, I think ultimately the best solution here would be to work through with the Intella Dev guys to find a permanent fix. I've never seen anything remotely like what you are experiencing, but it would seem that from time to time Nvidia and Intella don't play nice together. If you are desperate for a short term fix I would suggest possibly going out and grabbing a cheap video card that with an ATI chip, remove Nvidia from the equation until a suitable fix can be found.....or possibly Beta drivers..
  8. I didn't realise this either, and it's something I've been wanting for ages haha
  9. The parent_tab/child_tag syntax will assist in the short term, however to avoid the need having the ability to simply tick a box and type a 'Parent' name as part of the AutoTag process would be ideal. The changes I'm thinking of are giving the ability to apply parameters to keyword lists for searching and auto tagging. So for comparison, if I want to search across the subject lines ONLY of all emails I do the following steps: Highlight emails in the type-->communications facet, right click and select 'include' select the 'options' button next to the free text search fi
  10. The autotag feature when undertaking keyword list searches is something I use quite a bit, but it would be great to see some further control over how those tags are applied. Lets say I already have a dozen or so tags applied, and a structure built up, if I import a new keyword list and want to auto tag those new tags are going to be interspersed between my existing tags and basically make a mess and trigger my neatness OCD bug To whit, currently we can set the tagging preference only (ie tag the selected item only, tag it's children as well etc..) I would be great to simply have a ch
  11. This might seem a little trivial considering all we need to do is copy the .xml file to the correct folder in the Appdata location, however once we do that we need to reload the case for it to be visible. If an 'import export template/profile' button existed then this may negate the need to reload the case...?
  12. Expanding on the above query. I'm attempting to have an all encompassing field like the Primary Date, but them manipulating the way the data displays so instead of the full date and time it will just display the UTC offset, say 1000 or AEST for Sydney. In my testing I tried creating a custom field which looked for the email sent record ( PR_CLIENT_SUBMIT_TIME ) field in RAW DATA and also in the Headers field, then changed the date/time format using z(Z) or just z or Z and a few other variations. After re-indexing I cannot get this field to populate with any data at all. I have t
  13. I'm running some load file testing attempting to duplicate load files created with other software and I have a question. Essentially what I'd like to do is have the ability to duplicate the Primary Date column, but have the date format display in a couple of different ways. My thought was to create a custom field, then duplicate the fields which are listed in the Preferences section for Primary Date, however there is not enough information in the Preferences section for me to duplicate the Primary Date field. Is there a file somewhere that shows precisely which fields within Raw
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