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  1. Hey, Jon, I got your point and you are right. Anyway, I'll keep dreaming with this day... :) Thanks for your answer and awesome support!
  2. While using Intella Professional for case processing, I see it shows only the current and accumulated time of processing but never an estimated time to finish the processing task of an amount of data. It would be awesome if possible to predict the remaining time of data processing. Is it anyway in the roadmap/future plans?
  3. No until I see this advice. Just checked and it worked like a charm. Thanks, Jon!
  4. Hello, everyone, Just rising up this question, I'm looking to audit what keywords and expressions the reviewers has used or are freely using (terms not included in the previously created and authorized wordlist). I could not find it on the case log folder/files or even looking at other direction suggested by section 31 from the Intella 2.2.1 version. Did I miss any point looking at this? Is it even possible? Thank you!
  5. Yeah! Got it! I just finished a test with the embedded tool and it worked pretty fine! I got a trial license with ABBYY for Recognotion Server in order to execute some other test. Thanks!
  6. Got it, Jon. You are right as part of Intella Team. Thanks for your usual and kindness collaboration! AdamS, thanks to you, too.
  7. Thank you, Jon. I'll check your info and I'll put attention on those issues.
  8. Let me revive this topic... Do anyone knows if Intella have any kind of manual or cheat sheet related to the integration with ABBYY Recognition Server? I'll just start this integration in a few weeks. Thank you!
  9. Amazing! I'm thankful for sharing your knowledge. In my forensics procedure, normally I execute the acquisition with FTK Imager or a live Linux distribution (to generate a E01 file - one E01 file acquisition per custodian). All E01 files from a specific case are processed with Intella Pro (desktop client) and reviewed with Intella Connect. Again, thanks for share your thoughs and if anybody else could share some other feelings, please, do it.
  10. Hello, everyone, Since a long time, I'm looking for some comparisons between "Intella" platform and other e-discovery solution. Is anyone able to answer this question? Thank you!
  11. Hello, everyone, Sorry if it is a stupid question but I could not find it. I'd like to know when (date and hour) a user tagged a document. Is it possible? Through document preview function and looking into "Actions" tab I just see that it was tagged, flagged, previewed, etc, but not when the action was done. Not even exporting values to an Excel file I could see it. Thanks!
  12. I see a lot of messages that are supposed to be part of a thread, but when I apply the "Hide Non-Inclusive" button the result is the same. It means, I have 1000 results as result of a search and after apply the mentioned button, it remains as 1000 results. I used the last version of Intella to process the case and I'm sure that I marked the new option related to "E-mail thread". Also, I'm sure that in this simulation there are e-mail threads. See my attachment, please! Am I doing something wrong?
  13. From what I found I could understand that Intella Connect 2.1 is able to read and show whole content of an e-mail thread in a single preview, instead show only a lot of individual files that is part of this e-mail thread. If you activate "Hide non-inclusive" in the search tab, only message that are part of the thread will be shown to you. Am I right? I'm unable to test it right now because I have a client fully using my license. Thank you, guys!
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