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  1. Thanks Jon, The client resolved the issue, not sure how though! Regards Rashid
  2. We have provided a load file for a client but they are asking if we can provide searchable PDF files... The documentation reads: Documents should be provided to Opus 2 as optimised text searchable (OCR’d) PDFs (not PDFs accompanied by TXT files / Tiff files); Can this be done in Intella... If so does anyone have any guidance on how to do it? Many Thanks
  3. Have a similar issue with a Mac, intella doesn't appear to associate attachments with the emails, i.e. it is unable to tell me which emails are associated with which attachments, which isn't great as I've got a case that the client wants access to and most of the material is within the 'INBOX.mbox' on the drive that was processed. Any thoughts on how I can make this useable for the client?
  4. could we have a function that means they can ONLY see batches assigned to them, maybe in a future release?
  5. Morning all. I've been asked to assign a new user a review only account, so they can only see batches assigned to them. I've done this but I can see other batches when logging in as that user, that user can also assign batches to themself, how can I make sure this does not happen? Thanks
  6. I'll speak to the client and ask permission to share files first, if they give me the go ahead then I can share the files that are causing the issues.
  7. Hi all, I've been processing some data this morning that the client has sent through and I've had a small number of errors in the data which are as follows: "Sep 24, 2018 2:37:23 PM",45441,****removed.pdf,*****removed,TIFF Image,165 KB,Failed: Access violation. The instruction at 0x000002FFF6D4BCA8 (c:\program files\vound\intella 2.2\frengine\bin\recpage.dll) referenced memory at 0xFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. The memory could not be read. as well as similar errors - The instruction at 0x000002FFF6C60F2B (c:\program files\vound\intella 2.2\frengine\bin\recpage.dll) referenced memory at 0x000000001D349F00. The memory could not be written. This is an error for a number of the files that are being processed. I've tried changing the memory values to larger and smaller values in the .ini file and the case file, but still not any different. Does anyone have any thoughts? I don't want issues with the data, i.e. the client having data that is missing etc.
  8. Thanks Jason, think this was not needed in the end, but will look into the tagging and ensure its done correctly.
  9. We've got a large number of items tagged which were done during a review, and are interested in exporting the parents of attachments that have been tagged, is there a quick and easy way to do this. I.e. export the email parent of the PDF and its attachment, or do I need to go through each item and then tag it and then export it? I know we can do it the other way around, i.e. export the attachments that are within the email. It would be useful if it was something that could be done quickly and easily.
  10. thanks Alex, I'll ask the client if I can send over a few examples - I've tried with the built-in OCR tool, and selected the correct language but the examples we used didn't appear to OCR correctly.
  11. I have a new client question, they have a number of foreign language PDF files, which are in arabic, chinese, hebrew etc., they are wanting to know how these could be made searchable, we've tested a few PDF's using the Intella platform, and word documents are searchable, however the PDF's do not seem to be. Any thoughts on how this can be achieved, is this a codepage issue, or are we required to do more work?
  12. Thanks Lukaz I understand about the UI element, what I've noticed is that the tag UI gets very full, if were creating material for review, I guess I just like things to be a bit tidier, i.e. having the ability to create top level folders means less clutter. It would be great if the tagging was a little more 'user friendly', copying of a tag so I could create one then copy and paste the same tags throughout, as these are used as radio buttons within the review would be useful.
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