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  1. I was going to ask the same question, but not I note you had no reply.
  2. Thanks Jon, not really what is wanted. They want to know how many emails from each sender within the tagged items. I've exported the list of emails and then created a pivot table to count the email addresses - they were happy with that. Not sure it can be done within Intella.
  3. I hope this makes sense: The client wants to be able to review some tagged items mainly to quantify how many emails came from an email address, but they want to determine how many emails are from each mail address and there are alot. Thoughts?
  4. I thought as much, thanks Jon.
  5. I have a case where numerous devices have been seized and the client wants to be able to review video footage, obviously this could cause bandwith to be used heavily on the server, but is there a way to do it in Intella connect, or would the client have to tag/export those items they want to view?
  6. I've now worked out the issue, and it was a simple one, Intella MUST be run as administrator - this then allows intella to open the browser to request authorisation.
  7. Thanks igor_r - I tested with thunderbird and it can work, but you have to install an addon which then allows you to export all folders to MBOX format. So a few options available that will work. I can use Axiom to get the google drive data, as this retains the folder structures.
  8. I've downloaded my mail account using google takeout and processed in Intella, I've noticed that there is no folder structure at all, so am looking for alternatives to downloading gmail emails, as the OAuth side of things with intella does not seem to be working for us at the moment. This is for testing purposes before I work on a clients google mail account. I'm thinking of using Thunderbird to download the mail account, but is there a way of processing thunderbird email and keeping the folder structures? I've not tested it as of yet, as I'm in the process of downloading the data.
  9. Thanks, I've given this a try but it's still throwing up the same error - unsure of why - I've disabled two factor authentication for the time being, and I'm an administrator of our Google accounts (workspace).
  10. doing some testing, I've used web application, desktop app - neither work - and I end up with exception errors within Intella... see screenshot.
  11. The choices have changed, normally we are told to select other, but here we do not have other.
  12. All, trying to get a Gmail collection but I'm struggling to get the json file, the instructions written by vound are drastically different to what I'm seeing within Google, with different screens, requests for app information app domains etc. Does anyone know how to do it now?
  13. Google have changed the way they manage this now, and I have no idea how to do a Gmail collection. I'll start a new thread, but for those looking for it, or that have done it can you advise?
  14. All, We've had a request from a client which asks if we can grant certain permissions to the users so that they could see certain categories of documents on their database – for example they would grant these users with permission to see documents from a certain custodian or with a particular tag but not others. They might also want to restrict permissions – for example they may want to set it so that that other users could see certain documents but not print them or tag them. is this even possible? If so how can we do it?
  15. thanks Jon, that's what I did in the end.
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