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  1. All I need some guidance for specifications on a new PC for our Intella connect server. Currently the box we run on is a windows 10 PC approximately 6 years ago, its getting a bit long in the tooth now and needs to be replaced. I want to have something which has some fail-over should the OS corrupt (had it previously) - so some sort of delayed RAID (unsure as of yet). Ram etc and motherboards I'm not too worried about I can spec that easily enough, although has anyone had any experience with using Ryzen based systems? specifically the newer generation. I love them as I have a 3700X at home with 64GB of data and its a beast of a gaming/work horse machine. the main crux is fail-over, if something goes wrong with the OS drive I have a backup meaning I can get backup in a matter of an hour or so.
  2. I've got a client wanting a load file creating, and need to provide the other side (court ordered) a list of items arranged by date today (they told me last night), and they are having issues formatting the table using the family date. It won't arrange by family date at all, and everything is being exported in american date format, which is no good to my client, they need the data to be British date/time format. I'm having the same issues with the family date and no matter what I do, even exporting the text columns into a text file them importing them into excel they just don't want to change. some dates are fine, i.e. they will format as dates, whereas others will not change at all, no matter what I do to them in excel. Does anyone have any guidance at all?
  3. by way of update I've had some emails back and forth with Vound and they've got me to this point using the following command which worked, for those trying to do similar its here: IntellaCMD.exe -c "D:\Test" -importText "D😕Test\Import_text" -u ADMINUSERACCOUNT Replace file paths with yours, and -u with your admin user account.
  4. Guys, I've tried to use this but am struggling to get it to work, I'm not sure if the command I'm using is correct... I've tried: Intella.exe -u username -case "d:\Test_Case\" -itext "d:Test_Case\Text_Import\" I've tried the same with the IntellaCmd.exe but that just throws errors. Where am I going wrong?
  5. thank you, I'll look into that, as it may come in very useful.
  6. I currently have a client who has masses of data that is in another language, that has been uploaded and OCR'd and works great, however they wanted to do some further work in relation to that material by getting manual translations done and then uploading that further data that has been manually translated. They want to connect the new data to the old data - i.e. the OCR file 001 = Manually translated file 001. They are wondering if there is a way to use the family function to do this, or is there a way to manually connect these files? I'm at a loss, so any thoughts would be useful. Thank You All.
  7. Thanks Jon, its not something I've looked into - i'll see whether it is useful, thanks
  8. I have a request from a client, they have a large number of scanned documents coming in, and want to upload these, but the dates/times do not match the date the documents were originally written/printed/created. They want to be able to sort by date/time and have asked is there a way (other than manually adjusting the meta-data) to add a date/time field within Intella and populate that manually? I've had a look custom fields do not appear to allow a user to enter data manually, any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
  9. All, is there a way with intella to collect imap accounts, as I've been provided with the username and password, but Intella does a very small number of messages and then appears to just time out - its sat for 4 hours and got me a very small number of items. I'm assuming some sort of timeout is in place, is there much that can be done to get the mails in the account?
  10. Hi, I've got another case which requires OLK15MSGSOURCE files converting - intella doesn't see the emails, and I'm struggling to find something to convert it. Were running the newest version of intella, but we've not had any luck. Has support for this been added as of yet?
  11. Thanks Jon, The client resolved the issue, not sure how though! Regards Rashid
  12. We have provided a load file for a client but they are asking if we can provide searchable PDF files... The documentation reads: Documents should be provided to Opus 2 as optimised text searchable (OCR’d) PDFs (not PDFs accompanied by TXT files / Tiff files); Can this be done in Intella... If so does anyone have any guidance on how to do it? Many Thanks
  13. Have a similar issue with a Mac, intella doesn't appear to associate attachments with the emails, i.e. it is unable to tell me which emails are associated with which attachments, which isn't great as I've got a case that the client wants access to and most of the material is within the 'INBOX.mbox' on the drive that was processed. Any thoughts on how I can make this useable for the client?
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