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  1. Hi Stephen, Have you checked this option in tagging window?
  2. Hi Armin, It's best to start analysis by reading case logs for any obvious issues that could explain it. See this thread Reading and interpreting log files - Intella 10, 100, 250, Pro and TEAM - Vound Forum (vound-software.com) We would likely ask you to supply those anyhow, so it's usually best to read them yourself first as sometimes you can fix the issue yourself. Then, if you are still unsure as to the cause, open a support ticket where we can assist you further.
  3. Hello Lucas, Thanks for sharing your feedback! I agree that this would be handy to have. We are already working on the architecture of this feature, but it is a big task so the development will span several versions. We would like to simplify and unify running case tasks and background tasks. This is another piece of work that simply awaits in our tasks list. Having extra options would be good, I agree, but at the same time we don't want to make this overly complicated tasks and duplicate advanced searching options we already have in Search tab. Perhaps a better way to go about it would be to run your query in Search tab and allow it to be "moved" to the Report tab, ie. "Export results > Report > New report". Can you list few use cases for all those specific permissions you have in mind? Ex. I can't recall visiting any website where I wouldn't be allowed to print the contents of the website I'm seeing using browser's native print dialog. I understand that this may come out of need to restrict what user can do with privileged items, but still I'd appreciate a bit of clarification on that. About the last one (email threading): note that this is possible already by revoking the "Can apply coding decision to all emails in a thread" permission from a specific Role. Do you mean that you'd like to avoid having to install Notes on Nodes? We'd love that too, but there is no proper tooling available for that yet, and I doubt there will ever be one. So unless this changes we need to stick to relying on native Notes installation.
  4. Hi Juliana, At the moment the only place where you can see it is the items list inside the review console (on the left). I understand that this may not be enough, so we are making some plans for that information to be visible in Search and Previewer as a part of item's metadata. That will take some time to implement, though. An short term solution I'm considering is to allow for that information to be exported to CSV on demand. Would that help? Also, can you tell me what exactly do you need it for? Understanding your requirements better may help me to offer a better solution. Thanks!
  5. Hi Juliana, If your goal is to use existing responsiveness designation to kick-start the learning process of a Predictive Coding algorithm, then this is certainly possible. As an example: if you already have 1000 items coded as responsive/non-responsive and you wish to create a new PC workflow for a different set of items, say 400, then what you can do is to select all 400 items plus a reasonable chunk of already coded items (ex. 10 responsive and 10 non-responsive) and create new PC review. Intella Connect will build a model for those 420 items and train the model based on the 20 items you already have coded. The result will be a model which should already better differentiate between responsive and non-responsive items for the new data. The relevancy score is not yet a separate field/column that you could see in items table or export, but we are planning to add it soon.
  6. Hi guys, We have added two extensions which should offer some interesting improvements in this area. Optional rendering of Coding Fields in multiple columns. A new type of coding field called "Multi select" Both are presented in a short video I'm attaching to this post. A preview of this functionality is presented below: The Multi Select field type may be especially usefull when you are dealing with a long list of potential options, but you use this field rarely and/or you want to hide that complexity away. Please let me know what you think. multi select.zip
  7. @Paolo1982 we are adding 2FA in next version of Intella Connect. You will be able to use Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator to sign in. We are also thinking about integrating it with LDAP accounts, do you happen to be using it too?
  8. @Brendan Payne we are adding 2FA in next version of Intella Connect. You will be able to use Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator to sign in. We are also thinking about integrating it with LDAP accounts, do you happen to be using it too?
  9. Hi Delson, If I'm not mistaken your colleague has also created a ticket about this in our official support portal and it has already been handled there. Hope that information reached to you too.
  10. Hi Delson, Yes, I totally agree and we are planning such feature. It's a very tricky one to implement right, but such scalability is important for us and I will make it a top priority once we finish other urgent software maintenance tasks. This won't be anytime soon, but rest assured it's high on our priorities list.
  11. Intella Connect 2.4.1 version has just been officially released.
  12. Vound is pleased to announce the official release of Intella and Intella Connect 2.4.1. Intella and Intella Connect 2.4.1 are available from the Downloads section in the Vound Support Portal, after logging in with your email address and password. Users with a 2.3.x license need to use the Dongle Manager to update their dongle to the 2.4.x license. Please read the Release Notes before installing or upgrading, to ensure you do not affect any active cases. Highlights Added a top-level Sources tab, adding the ability to (re)index individual sources. Added support for Microsoft Teams. Notable improvements for processing BitLocker images and NSF files. Indexing and case merging/exporting performance improvements.
  13. Hi Anastasia, Yes that makes a lot of sense. We actually have plans for it to work as you described. I'll see if we can give this ticket a higher priority.
  14. Hi, Unfortunately we don't have this feature covered in the UI yet. You'll need to go to your file system and delete the relevant XML file manually from the following location: C:\Users\ACCOUNT_RUNNING_CONNECT\AppData\Roaming\Intella\coding-layouts Since layouts can be cached in memory, this change will be propagated when case is unshared&shared or when it goes into idle mode after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  15. I doubt there is any way to hack around it, unfortunately. However this feature request makes a lot of sense, so I will add it to our ticketing system.
  16. Indeed we don't have that feature yet. I assume you'd also like this export to include text surrounding all search hits? I will add a feature request for it to our ticketing system.
  17. Hi, Are you still seeking some guidance here or have you managed to resolve this already?
  18. Hello Serge, You would need to redirect this question to the same channel which you used to register for training. Our engineers are not directly involved in this process.
  19. No extra configuration should be required, I think. I would try to compare URLs generated by Connect with proxy OFF and ON. That should give you an idea where the URL rewrite is broken. If you tell us what that place is, we will try to further investigate. Without knowing which URL is rewritten and how we can't really do much. Obviously you could replace your production URL with some placeholder value.
  20. Hi Lancenudd, Which proxy configuration file are you referring to? Over the years we've seen few customers using proxies and if it worked out of the box depended on the proxy being used. Sometimes they ran into small UI limitations (ex. icon not rendering fine due to wrong URL rewrites), but in general it was working fine. Can you further describe in details the problems you are seeing with redirections?
  21. Hi Fuzed, I just replied to your support ticket, where you posted the same problem. I did few tests on my own and I don't see any issues with the software, so I think it may be a problem with choosing the wrong settings. You can change date formats to any custom one. This is described in section "15.2.11. Load file options" if Connect User Manual. Sorting options are described in "15.2.17. Reports and ordering". Hope you will be able to figure this one out!
  22. Hi Jason, I agree with you and I'm happy to announce that next version will get following improvements: Ability to edit tag's parent New permission allowing to create new tags (granted to everyone by default) New permission allowing to edit tags (granted to everyone who already had ability to delete tags from created by other reviewers)
  23. Hi Neil! I noticed that the exact same thing was reported in. We already have an internal ticket about extending this functionality, it just needs a bit of time to get into a development queue. Thanks for pointing that out!
  24. @Jared, I think that this will get created if you create an Export Set while running your production. Intella will add a new column then which you can see in Items Table or use in further exports.
  25. Hi again, What you can try to do is to extend the default timeout of 3 minutes to a larger value by means of trial and error (4, 5, 6 mins...). To do this one has to modify "C:\Users\ACCOUNT_RUNNING_CONNECT\AppData\Roaming\Intella Connect\prefs\user.prefs" file by adding the following line: ReverseProxyTimeout=XXX where XXX is the new value in milliseconds (defaults to 180000). Intella Connect restart would be required. In general it should be ok to do this, but keep in mind that such timeouts are added for a reason and setting this value too large can result in performance degradation if not used wisely.
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