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Found 2 results

  1. Dear, I'd like to suggest that audio and media files were supported in preview item and batch coding. As many investigations use smartphone data, tis fairly commons to and item (chat) bring WhatsApp audio and video file (.ogg and .mp4). Today we need to download the files and play using VLC or media player. The problem is that not all reviewers has Download permission, restricting the people that can review CHATS. Thanks Delson Gonçalves
  2. Hello Intella-Team, as far as we know performing OCR on an item will work as follows: Export item for OCR, e.g. an image or PDF... Perform OCR externally, e.g. using OmniPage or ABBYY Import OCR'd itemsExtract textual info from OCR'd items Index extracted textual data within Intella There are at least two disadvantages, we have noticed: Opening an "original" PDF will not include the text data from the OCR process Reindexing the Case means loosing all imported OCR texts A possible enhancement could be this approach: Append the OCR'd files as an attachment to the item Add an option to open the Attachment instead of the original item What do you think about this? Thanks Stephan
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