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  1. When we tried that Okta integration there still was Intella Connect version 2.2.
  2. As I pointed out on the other topic (https://community.vound-software.com/topic/485-two-factor-authentication/), we tried to use Okta ase OIDC provider one year ago to implement a 2FA but after logging in with it, Intella Connect had troubles in rendering the ellipses in the graphical visualization of the searches, which resulted invisible. Did you encounter this problem in your tests or has it been solved?
  3. So the Intella Connect administrator doesn't need to create the new users, they just need to log in via Google (in this exemple) to access the "Welcome page". Does the user have to be given permissions on the OIDC provider? Or anyone with access to a "permitted network" and a personal Google account can get there?
  4. Hi all, I have another open topic about this with Andrej (see the link here below). Andrej, can you please share some information about how you do imagine the authentication process to be like once implemented? Thank you.
  5. Right now we don't have preferences, we will adapt to the ones which will be better integrated into Intella. We tried to integrate Okta one year ago, but it had troubles in rendering the ellipses in the graphical visualization of the searches.
  6. Hi Andrej, a 2FA as a side effect of a SSO from a provider which implies it would be a good solution for us. Google, to reconnect to your example, would be nice. Do you already know how, and most important WHEN, that would be implemented? Could we expect to see it in the next release or so? Is there maybe somewhere a section containing the roadmap of the new features to be added to future releases and when they are planned to be released? Thank you!
  7. Hi, It would be nice to use variable fields during the "Export to PDF" phase. It is possible in "File Naming And Numbering" section as shown in fileNamNumb.png image, but it is not possible in the case of "Headers and Footers" section. This feature could help to insert more variable fields in the header or footer of the export. Kind regards, Davide
  8. Hi all, we have a question regarding the possibility to activate a two-factor authentication in Intella Connect (we are using v. 2.0.1). Is it possible to configure Intella in this way? is there anyone able to do this that can explain us how to proceede? Thanks in advance. Regards.
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