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  1. Hi, It would be nice to use variable fields during the "Export to PDF" phase. It is possible in "File Naming And Numbering" section as shown in fileNamNumb.png image, but it is not possible in the case of "Headers and Footers" section. This feature could help to insert more variable fields in the header or footer of the export. Kind regards, Davide
  2. Hi all, we have a question regarding the possibility to activate a two-factor authentication in Intella Connect (we are using v. 2.0.1). Is it possible to configure Intella in this way? is there anyone able to do this that can explain us how to proceede? Thanks in advance. Regards.
  3. Dear all, is it possible to have the possibility to export the activities log of Intella Connect for external processing and analysis? Kind regards.
  4. Dear all, - is it possible to have in Intella Connect a feature that highlight the keywords also in "Preview" like Intella Professional? - is it possible to have a tag set with checkboxes? (for example if you have four tag you can select only one of the four tags). Thanks a lot. Kind Regards.
  5. Dear all, we notice that the tag order in Intella Connect 1.8 now is right in the web interface on the left under the label "tag", but when you preview an item you click on "add or remove tag" the order in the window "Assign Tags" seems to be random! We want to known if this problem will be solved.
  6. Dear all, we want know if it is possible to change the default port 9999 for Intella Connect. Because in the manual we don't find a way to do that. Kind regards. Paolo Mariani KPMG Advisory S.p.A. mail: pmariani@kpmg.it
  7. Dear all, we would like to know if exist an offline version of the user manual of Intella Connect 1.8, that we can download. Many Thanks. Kind Regards. Paolo Mariani KPMG Advisory S.p.A. email: pmariani@kpmg.it
  8. We use Intella 1.7.3 with Windows 7 Professional 64 bit. Many thanks.
  9. Dear all, we have redacted an orginal file as pdf. This pdf includes pages oriented in vertical and orizontal way. When we try to export this file the output is the following: the pages in the orizontal way are truncated and printed in vertical way and we lose part of the document. Could you please help us to find out a solution, in order to mantain the orizontal and vertical pages? Many thanks. Kind Regards. Paolo Mariani KPMG Advisory S.p.A. - Milan (Italy) Email: pmariani@kpmg.it Mobile: + 39 348 4518015
  10. It's very interesting! Especially if you use a group of boolean queries.
  11. Good Evening, we have an urgent request from our legal department, they ask us to find a specific keyword only when is written in uppercase. It is possible? Example: we need to find "MA" and not "ma" Best wishes, Paolo
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