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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I currently have an OST that is processing in 2.0.1 and seems to have stalled out. It spent about 2 hours actively processing about 550,000 items as I would expect, but since then, it has elapsed 16 hours with no additional items processed. Has this been encountered before and is it a known issue? Is it a bad/corrupt OST? Or am I just being impatient and there really isn't an issue? For an environment baseline, my machine has 32GBs RAM, 8 core CPU, 4 active crawlers, 2 GB memory per crawler (set in the ini file to fix a previous issue), and I have indexed PSTs/OSTs larger than this 31GB one perfectly fine. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  2. This might be a bit of a first world problem, but it has frustrated me a few times so I figured I may as well put my hand up. I run Intella on workstations with 64, 128 and 256 gigabytes of RAM. I find the slider to set the memory allocation for the application and for the crawlers is completely fine on the machine with 64, but for 128 and especially 256, I find each step of the slider is too "coarse" - for example I may want to set it to 8GB per crawler and the options I get are 7.77 or 8.25 (not exact examples but you get the idea). I say it's a first world problem because I'm sure ultimately it may not matter much, it's just not as precise as I would like. Similar to the manual crawler setting where there is an editable text box, I would appreciate an editable text box for the memory options, so I can set the exact amount of memory I want. I wouldn't get rid of the slider altogether, just let both be an option? I may be getting a "proper" server with 512GB (or even more memory!) in the future, so I anticipate the issue will compound further with more installed memory.
  3. Hi, There are a few tasks, like Hreading and AI Coding that are very machine memory consuming. As those are background tasks, they use the current Intella Connect server memory and processor to ran. It will be verry nice if we could use another machine to perform this kind of tasks, like a NODE machine instead the current Connect Server. TKS Delson
  4. I've been processing a 27gig PST file which remains idle for a really long period of time. Intella (1.7.2) shows that the indexer is recovering deleted items. Is there any way to guide Intella to NOT recover deleted items?
  5. Hi everyone, I am opening this topic as quite a few questions related to the folder showed up in our support system recently. For everyone who overlooked the explanation in the User Manual: Note, that these items are not visible when the PST file is opened in Outlook. Typically they are left-overs from Outlook's own processing and may disappear when the PST file is compacted by Outlook. You can think of orphaned items as a special type of recovered items. It is normal that parts of the body or email headers are missing. FAQs related to : 1) Are these orphan items normally available/visible for the user when using Outlook? No. 2) Are orphan items complete or could they be fragments of a message? It is normal that parts of the body or email headers are missing. Please help us expand this FAQ list - you are welcome to send any questions related to this topic that you can't find answer to.
  6. Hi guys Two questions After working with Intella for a number of years, I have faced a number of scenarios where we have processed data separately and would like to then "join or merge" the indexes/data together. We have a number of Intella Team licences and would like to be able to make use of 3/4 processing servers to process different sets of data and then ultimately... merge the data/indexes together that could then be shared with the reviewers A second question is that if we have processed 5 custodians, it is easy to add a 6th custodian to the case, however, is there functionality in the future that would address removing a custodian from a case/index without having to re-process just the 4? Looking forward to suggestions/responses Keep well
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