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Found 3 results

  1. During recent reviews and in light of user feedback, I wanted to propose two coding layout improvements for a future version of Connect. The first has to do with adding a collapsing arrowhead for the top level tags, as they currently exist under the Tags facet. The use case for this has to do with the presence of long list of coding options. Examples might be required references to corresponding Document Request numbers (a common component of production specifications), or complex issues tagging that reviewers apply during review in order to leverage in later stages of a litigation matt
  2. I have created two Global Coding Layouts (can be shared between cases) and I have found that 1 of them is no longer needed but I cannot figure out or find any information on how to delete one. Can someone please inform me how I can delete a global coding layout?
  3. Hi guys, Wondered if there was a way around completed batches defaulting to 'Read Only' mode. We have an issue when the client wishes to review a batch for the second time as they are unable to revisit the initial batch as it becomes locked from editing.
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