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Optimizing Intella memory settings for best performance

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The Main Process memory can be adjusted using the slider in the Case Editor window for that specific case. The slider will only allow you to use up to half the memory in the system. This is because the system also requires memory for crawlers, the OS and other non Intella related applications and services running on the system.


The number of crawlers can be increased by editing the 'Intella.l4j.ini' file which is located in the installation folder for Intella. 

  • Close Intella.
  • Open the 'Intella.l4j.ini' file and find the line  '# -Dintella.crawlersCount=4'
  • Remove the leading # as this comments the line, meaning that the line will be ignored if it is still present. Change the value at the end to the number of crawlers that you want to use (don't set this higher than the number of physical cores).
  • Save the 'Intella.l4j.ini' file.

The amount of memory to be assigned to each crawler can be changed in the 'Intella.l4j.ini' file as well.

  • Close Intella.
  • Open the 'Intella.l4j.ini' file and find the line '# -Dintella.serviceMaxHeap=800M'
  • Remove the leading # then change the number at the end to the amount of memory that you want to assign to each crawler. E.g to set 2GB of memory to each crawler use this '-Dintella.serviceMaxHeap=2G'
  • Save the 'Intella.l4j.ini' file.

Note that it is best to run some tests after making memory and crawler changes to see which configuration works the most efficiently with your particular dataset. 

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