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  1. Hi, just realized that the "post-processing steps" cause a 20% usage of the GPU. Would a nice GPU result in performance improvement? Which process steps are affected by the GPU? Thx a lot
  2. Hi, when indexing new sources, the progress often goes down to zero for several hours. During this time there's no indexed item and no harddisk usage (in task manager). Any ideas why Intella has this idle time (screenshot attached)? Thx a lot
  3. Any update on this concerning indexing EDBs?
  4. How does case merging work? Not able to find it in version 2.2
  5. Hi, is Intella able to process Veeam Backup Files (e.g. vbk-format)? Thx a lot
  6. Hi, is the limitation of 6 crawlers still valid? Or is it possible to enable the full number of cores when e.g. using a 20-core machine?
  7. I would love to get a possibility of changing color of redactions. As many of our findings have to be printed afterwards, it would be great to have a more printer-friendly possibility (e.g. white).
  8. Is there any timing when Intella would be able to handle VHDX and current EDB format?
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