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  1. Hi Guys, I have used the export to Relativity for years, but see that Intella can now also interface with Relativity but only on legacy on-pre version. Are there plans to interface the Intella export directly into RelativityOne - i.e the cloud on based offering? I was talking to Brainspace this morning and they already interface to pull and push data from Rel1 so it must be possible.
  2. Hi Guys - we are current Intella team and Intella connect users and currently utilize Magnet Axiom in our forensic investigations. We would love to test out W4 Best regards, Jason Coyne
  3. Hi Todd, yes we are seeing this in many cases now, typically where documents have been image scanned and therefore the digital metadata needs to be explained. The client just wants to read the docs in chronological order, they are happy to have a team of admin clerks viewing every document and gathering the 'actual date' rather than the data it was scanned but then there is nothing that can be done to get this back into Intella. We've logged a mail with support so fingers crossed for the future.
  4. Cool - so I actually already had it. I've granted the additional permission and now I can see it. Works really well but anyway I could run multi-threaded or run more processes in parallel - it appears to only run on one core?
  5. Thanks Jon, I'm currently on 2.0.1, I'll download this - I cant see a changelog or release note between this and 2.0.1 can you advise?
  6. Fab Jon - this will really assist. When will this version be available to download?
  7. Hi Guys, We have been discussing this pre-caching idea for previews since April 2015 - is it on the development road map yet?
  8. I'm now getting the error Cannot find HASP SRM Run-time Environment DLL (E0004) On windows 10 Pro. on Intella version 2.01 Will the same suggested fix still work on 'modern' windows and intella versions ?
  9. Hi Guys, this issue for me is back on my Radar. Today I have received an order to 'delete' all of the copies of 1 single document that I have in an intella case. It contains some confidential material which can no longer be seen by the reviewers The case has been indexed up for months, loads of tags/comments all saved on millions of documents and it looks like I will need to completely rebuild the entire case without this one document. I've investigated with the lawyers if I can use the 'restricted' option within the user authorization to prevent them from seeing it, but this will not be allowed because I will be unable to say that I have completely deleted it. The load file/overlay file is a lot better these days, but it struggles with documents that have multiple tags. Are you any closer to being able to have controlled functionality to enable the removal (or at least replace the record of the text and preview) a document from the underlying database? It is possible to get R/W access to the underlying database to purge one document record ? I understand that Intella competitors have a 'record replacement' function which they use to effectively swap out for a blank placeholder Best regards, Jason
  10. Hi Guys, Is there a way to replace the OCR'd text within Intella for document redacted within Intella? For example:- Initially Tiff's and empty PDF's were OCR'd and the text read back into Intella. The reviewers reviewed and redacted thousands of documents. Its currently easy to locate the redacted documents in Intella, so I could export them and OCR them again. But then the text files are only outside of Intella and they will be named with either MD5 hash or Item_ID - or some other variable. When I export via load file, I will place-holder the text within the text files directory of the redacted items - but the redacted files are now amongst thousand of other image files, and probably named 000001.000001.0000034 or what ever. It is now quite difficult to marry up the redacted text files. If you OCR the redacted files at this point, it not easy to locate the redacted files within the thousands of others. Its even harder if you exported Tiff Image files as there will be one image file per page and the Text file needs to display the text for all of the pages in one file. Has anyone found a good workflow for this scenario? Best regards, Jason
  11. Hi Jason, We have recently moved to 2 x Dell 730xd's 1 for Intella Pro and the other for Intella Connect. These are only 2U but have 12 drive bays on the front with 2 flexi bays at the back. We have configured these with 12x2TB drives on the front in a Raid 10 array for the evidence and storing the case data and 2x120gb SSD's spanned as an optimisation drive smaller cases. We've also done some testing with using SoftPerfects RAM disk - setting 50% of the system ram after windows has booted to be 256GB ram drive. For Optimisation drive and the 2x120 SSD's for the case storage. Which is great for the preparation of the smaller matters before pushing them onto the spindle storage. To be honest, I'm not too sure that the optimisation drive config in Intella really makes that much difference over the spindles - but the type of material being analysed will make a difference. These kit has been installed for a few months now and next week we are moving them from Physical to Virtual because we want to use the spare CPU thread for OCR'ing for the times that the machines are just ticking over.
  12. Can see it now. Thanks - that does address the issue
  13. Hi Jason, Thats sounds like the Solution, sorry I cant see the your attachment.
  14. Hi Guys, I'm in the scenario with over 100,000 emails most with multiple attachments that I need to export in load file format. Many have the profile shown below: Email Body - Relevant for Export Attachment 1 - Relevant & Redacted within Intella Attachment 2 - Relevant Atachment 3 - Not Relevant & Contains confidential information. The only safe way to export this is: Email Body - Image & Text Attachment 1 - The redacted version of the Image & No Text Attachment 2 - Native, Image & Text Attachment 3 - Excluded. Because, of course, if the native email body goes, then all of the material is also released in native. Intella V2.0.1 will handle all of the attachments in this scenario but whilst there are options to Exclude completely on a tag, Exclude if Redacted, Exclude the Text file, Exclude the image and provide the native instead, there is no exclude the native based on a tag. Am I missing something? Will I just need to manually remove the *.eml *.msgs etc from the native directory and edit the Export.dat accordingly? I think this could be a quick feature enhancement that could deliver a quick win. Best regards, Jason
  15. Hi Guys, I'm investigating options for backing up a production connect platform at a specific time to allow backups to take place. If I shutdown the IntellaConnect service whilst the cases are still shared, will this could data corruption problems with the cases, or will the shutdown gracefully unshare the case before terminating. My plan is to issue a service stop command at say, midnight. Run some sort of rsync script for the backup, then start the service again later in the morning.
  16. Thanks Jon, Does connect have the same Tuning Options? We have a case being reviewed at the moment and the reviewers are working well, but the connect java processes are only using half of the cores available on the machine.
  17. In 1.9.1 when you import from a load file do you need to have at least a file type, extension or mine type for Intella to be able to import the file correctly? I've imported hundreds of load files over the years but this time I have a load file from Relativity that does not have any of the above. Intella processes the file and does validate the native file path but I cant view any of the documents after the process. Do I need to edit the loadfile to have a field that assists Intella understand how to import the native files. FYI the native files are OK, if I tell intella they are just a bunch of files, it indexes them fine - but Of course I dont get any of the load file meta data.
  18. Hi Guys, We are finding that we often need to edit the .dat file that we receive from relativity providers as they have not adhered to the specification that we have set/agreed. I have not found a satisfactory method of editing (simply) and would really like to find a reliable way to opening these files in Excel, editing/adding to them before saving and providing them to Intella for load file import The opening is OK in excel, you can just use the pilcrow as the delimiter but very often on saving excel will alter some aspect of the file which leaves it corrupted as far of Intella is concerned. I'm pretty sure that it is something todo with the encoding when saving as a test file, but would welcome as findings from others that have found a better way. Thoughts welcomed
  19. Hi Jon, We've just implemented a 2x 12 core server with 128gb of ram and want to test some tuning options. What files do we need to edit to test the increase the main process memory from 15 to 30, the crawlers from 4 to 6 and crawler memory from 2-3gb ?
  20. I would certainly vote for a configurable message hash algorithm. We've just conducted test this week and have exported all of the emails from an intella case (455,000) and run a python script which essentially read the first file and then looked at the other raw emails files where the subject was the same and if it was then looked at the sender and sent time to see if these matched. Any 'duplicates' had there MD5 recorded in a text file that we took back into Intella and used as an Exclude list. It took 24 hours to run but will have saved the lawyers days of reviewers time.
  21. Yes, I like the Parent Child tags - it would work better for me if when a parent had children that you could only apply one of the child tags - the parent is really just a heading to group the child tag. for example if we have tags Colours Blue Green Yellow We dont want anyone tagging 'Colours' they should only be tagging either Blue,Green or Yellow The one issue that I do see with parent & children is that you can have two children of the same names under different parents - not strictly an issue but in quick tags, you only see the childs name. For Example Type of Fever Tropical Scarlett Yellow If I tagged a document with Yellow then the Quick tags would show two yellows (one Yellow under fever the other yellow under colours) but you cant tell which one that it is.
  22. We are 1.9.1 - has 1.9.2 been released yet?
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