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  1. Hi Guys, I have used the export to Relativity for years, but see that Intella can now also interface with Relativity but only on legacy on-pre version. Are there plans to interface the Intella export directly into RelativityOne - i.e the cloud on based offering? I was talking to Brainspace this morning and they already interface to pull and push data from Rel1 so it must be possible.
  2. Hi Guys - we are current Intella team and Intella connect users and currently utilize Magnet Axiom in our forensic investigations. We would love to test out W4 Best regards, Jason Coyne
  3. Hi Todd, yes we are seeing this in many cases now, typically where documents have been image scanned and therefore the digital metadata needs to be explained. The client just wants to read the docs in chronological order, they are happy to have a team of admin clerks viewing every document and gathering the 'actual date' rather than the data it was scanned but then there is nothing that can be done to get this back into Intella. We've logged a mail with support so fingers crossed for the future.
  4. Cool - so I actually already had it. I've granted the additional permission and now I can see it. Works really well but anyway I could run multi-threaded or run more processes in parallel - it appears to only run on one core?
  5. Thanks Jon, I'm currently on 2.0.1, I'll download this - I cant see a changelog or release note between this and 2.0.1 can you advise?
  6. Fab Jon - this will really assist. When will this version be available to download?
  7. Hi Guys, We have been discussing this pre-caching idea for previews since April 2015 - is it on the development road map yet?
  8. Thanks Jon, Does connect have the same Tuning Options? We have a case being reviewed at the moment and the reviewers are working well, but the connect java processes are only using half of the cores available on the machine.
  9. Hi Jon, We've just implemented a 2x 12 core server with 128gb of ram and want to test some tuning options. What files do we need to edit to test the increase the main process memory from 15 to 30, the crawlers from 4 to 6 and crawler memory from 2-3gb ?
  10. I would certainly vote for a configurable message hash algorithm. We've just conducted test this week and have exported all of the emails from an intella case (455,000) and run a python script which essentially read the first file and then looked at the other raw emails files where the subject was the same and if it was then looked at the sender and sent time to see if these matched. Any 'duplicates' had there MD5 recorded in a text file that we took back into Intella and used as an Exclude list. It took 24 hours to run but will have saved the lawyers days of reviewers time.
  11. Great - sounds like a plan. It really is quite an important 'need'. Intella has historically struggled as a eD review platform against the strong products that were weak in search but strong is linear review where you need to be making a decision on a document in 2-3 seconds. Then with 1.7 connect the lightning speed for linear review made it a winner. I'm keen for it not to slip back because of this slow down. As forensic search techies we are happy to use the contents pane and review the text based preview - but lawyers are not suited to this, they need the full wiziwig preview of t
  12. Hi Cristiaan, This makes sense now. I've just tested it with 16 CPU cores (rather than the production 8) and it makes very little difference. It appears that the code for the conversion will not use all of the available CPU cycles The pre caching idea would be great. Ideally as a background process based on a certain Flags/Tags when connect is up and running. I say that because you may have 100,000 office documents of which 1500 may be responsive to search terms - it would only be these 1500 which you would pre-cache ready for the linear review, the rest can wait for the co
  13. I've noticed that the native preview tab in connect 1.8 (this includes both .2 & .4) is slower to display the document that it was with 1.7.x Its fine previewing PDF's as these are not converted server side, put word/excel and powerpoint documents when being converted from native to pdf as not as quick as before. The server platform is the same, the case is the same, just connect is now on 1.8 - the users of the case commented that they used to be able to review documents and tag in the preview pane with documents loading is <1sec - now the same process takes about 2-3seconds wi
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