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*.olk15Message - is there a way to include in Intella?


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Hi, In a recent case I came across loads of *.olk15Message files originating from an Apple Mac computer. It is easy (using Encase) to identify these as some kind of e-mail files. Searching for the file extension type on the web, I found information of that the file originates from the MS Outlook client for Macintosh.

Since my Intella (v2.1.1.) identifies the files as "unknown binary file" (not displaying any content) I want to know if there is a way to force these files to be indexed or if there is future plans for including these in the standard indexing.

Anyone who can share some more insight or a solution?



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Have a similar issue with a Mac, intella doesn't appear to associate attachments with the emails, i.e. it is unable to tell me which emails are associated with which attachments, which isn't great as I've got a case that the client wants access to and most of the material is within the 'INBOX.mbox' on the drive that was processed.

Any thoughts on how I can make this useable for the client? 

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Hi, I've got another case which requires OLK15MSGSOURCE files converting - intella doesn't see the emails, and I'm struggling to find something to convert it.

Were running the newest version of intella, but we've not had any luck.  Has support for this been added as of yet?

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