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  1. Hi Jon, Thanks for your suggested method. I will try this out in the morning and if I need more help I will get in touch!
  2. Hi, Is there a way to compare two PST-files from same user, to find what items are unique to either of the PST files? One PST contains 120,000 emails and the other some 121,000 emails. The reason for why they differ is due that the latest was exported by a more experienced mail admin! Is there an easy solution? And simply replacing one PST for the other is not a viable solution by the way... Thanks! Jonas
  3. Yes, iMessages is what I want! ? When can I get this functionality? ? Blink blink... /Jonas
  4. Hi, I tried the "iCloud" add data source today using Intella 2.1.1. I was impressed that 2FA integration worked without a issue (not straight forward on some other tools I use). Though, for the AppleId user I tested this on I specifically wanted to import text messages as well as mail. I found no option for text... Is there a reason for why text is not included? Possibility to include this in future? Great would be if a full iCloud backup could be collected using Intella as well! Thanks, Jonas
  5. Thanks Jon for you quick response. Not a critical issue for me right now. Looking forward to future support (hopefully not that future though ?).
  6. Hi, In a recent case I came across loads of *.olk15Message files originating from an Apple Mac computer. It is easy (using Encase) to identify these as some kind of e-mail files. Searching for the file extension type on the web, I found information of that the file originates from the MS Outlook client for Macintosh. Since my Intella (v2.1.1.) identifies the files as "unknown binary file" (not displaying any content) I want to know if there is a way to force these files to be indexed or if there is future plans for including these in the standard indexing. Anyone who can share some more insight or a solution? //Jonas
  7. Thank you Adam and Admin for your feedback. I will roll up my shirt sleves and start working...
  8. Hi all, I am pretty new to Intella so maybe this is a simple challange to most of you! In a corporate case involving 35,000 emails (from several PST's) thera are 29,000 individual e-mail addresses. Out of these only five individuals are of interest. And only e-mails that are sent (or received) involving 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the named five individuals - excluding any mails where any of the other 28,995 users are part of. Is there a smart way to achieve this challange using Intella? If I perform a simple search for the named five individuals I end up with close to 35,000 emails. I would like to reduce the numbers before performing review. Searching for keywords in emails are not effecient in this stage of the analysis. Appreciate any help you can provide me on this!
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