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You could do this by first tagging the items that you want to share. Connect has its own embedded instant messaging feature. The tag can be dragged to the person you want to share the results with, and they will see the tag in their own IM. They can then click on the tag, and a cluster will be shown with those results that you want them to see.


Note that the users will need these permissions.

  • Main UI: can use Search 
  • Can send and receive Instant Messages
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I think they want to just share the workload, i.e. conduct a search, and if it has 30,000 hits, share 10,000 with X, 10,000 with Y and 10,000 with Z.  I'm assuming this can't be done apart from manually selecting X number of results and then sharing in the messaging app.

Thanks for the heads up Jon, the 'main ui' search function is active on the accounts.

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