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Intella Connect 1.8 beta 1


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Hello all,
I am proud to announce the first beta of Intella Connect 1.8, featuring the following enhancements:
  • Improved general design and layout, including a more appealing login page.
  • Connect can now be installed as a Windows service.
  • Connect now runs on a single port. Previously the admin page and each shared case needed its own port.
  • Single sign-on lets reviewers access all their cases without having to re-enter their credentials for each case.
  • Added a case dashboard, giving an instant overview of key case characteristics and events.
  • Relaxed the rules on what legal user names are, and now allowing users to change their own password.
  • Extended permissions model with the ability to prohibit printing and to allow deletion of tags made by other reviewers.
  • Added case auto-discovery: all cases stored in a folder configured in the Connect server's settings are automatically available for sharing in the admin page.
  • Added the ability to manually add a case to the server by specifying its case.xml file.
  • The Contents tab now captures the original layout better, e.g. tables, font sizes and font styles are shown.
  • Added various table columns that were previously only available in the Desktop edition.
  • Added support for viewing images not supported by web browsers, such as BMP and TIFF, by converting them to PNG on the server.
  • Added Content Analysis facet.
  • Various fixes to make Connect run properly on Internet Explorer 8 and 9.
Forum users who would like to test the software are invited to reply to this topic or send me a private message. I will reply with a private message with instructions.


We look forward to your feedback! For example, we would like to hear how the new user interface is working for you and whether the above improvements make deploying Connect in your infrastructure easier.
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The new layout is a great change…my main issue (trying to log in through a Juniper Client that wasn't passing the login info to the popup screen) has been fixed, and the new dashboard + only having to open up one port are both welcome additions.



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Intella 8 doesn't seem to respect the Indexing setting for Index Content embedded in documents; when I indexed identical material between the two versions with this setting disabled, 1.8b1 generated ~11,000 results, 1.7 generated ~6,500. 


I would like to see more permissions options (such as:

- Review Case and Apply but not Edit/Create Tags
- Restrict User to These Tags (the inverse of the current option) -- this could be used to create batching, while batching with the current method would be difficult to manage.


The Type and Locations Facets do not load in the Manager, and the Type Facet does not load with any values in the web interface.

I'm sure I'll have more feedback shortly, but my first reaction is overwhelmingly positive to the new UI.

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Hello Walt,


Thank you for your feedback! The "Index content embedded in documents" option was indeed ignored in 1.8 beta 1 (= acted as if the user had it turned on). Beta 2 is about to be released and will fix this.


Adding more fine-grained permissions for Connect is on the roadmap.


I have no explanations for the issues with the Type and Location facets. Perhaps you can open a support ticket and share the case logs with us?

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