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  1. Okay, so about that - I decided to RTFM and it just isn't in the spot that I was looking for, could have saved a few hours yesterday by starting with the manual. Disregard.
  2. In Intella, there is the ability to choose which columns are listed for sorting - but I don't see that option in the version of Intella Connect that we are currently using ( Is that something that updating to the latest version adds, or is it something in the pipeline?
  3. Good morning, I have been given 3 .olm files (Outlook for Mac backup files) and tried processing them in Intella The attachments work just fine, but the e-mails themselves are shown as XML documents and are a jumbled mess instead of the normal e-mail message presentation. Is there either a better way to convert them to something like PST or msgs that I don't know about or a chance that OLM support is added to the next version? Thanks, Daniel
  4. Good morning, We have a case shared in Intella Connect that gets: "Error response code: 500 Please contact support if this error persists" after every search completed. It's not every case, and we have backed up the case just in case, but where is the best place to look for how/why the error is popping up and what needs to be done to fix it? Thanks, Daniel
  5. I have been told that there is potentially going to be a very big set of data (all data, not just hard drive images) coming my way and that I can control how it is delivered, so I thought I would check and see if it makes a difference. In terms of processing, would Intella be happier with a DD/E01/L01 of the files, or just folders filled with files? I usually load in data using folders, but I know that if there's large numbers of files in folders, sometimes it can slow down the loading speed of things like Windows Explorer. Is that an issue with how Intella loads in data? I don't want to choke the system if it could be avoided.
  6. Okay, thank you so much for running that down - saves me a lot of time trying to reverse engineer it.
  7. I viewed the audit logs and it appears to only show when the case was opened locally (not in Connect). Where would the audit logs for while it's open in Connect be located?
  8. I don't think there is currently a way to do this, but I would love the ability to be able to export just the items that are in the folder and not the subitems (for instance, exporting just the PDF and not the individual TIFFs or PNGs that make up the PDF). Obviously, for some types of items (PSTs or ZIPs, for example), this wouldn't be preferred, but it would cut down on the number shock that some end users get when they request "Give me everything in Folder X not tagged Exclude" or something like that...
  9. Is there a way in Intella Connect (or the logs) to show what searches were done? I can tell from the logs what items were previewed and by whom, but I'm being asked to try and show what searches were performed and when...
  10. When I first installed Intella Connect, I did not have a service account and did not want to have a service starting in the background with my username attached to it (so I could prevent locking myself out every time I had to change passwords). I have since set up a service account for Intella Connect to do just that. Is there a way, without uninstalling Connect, to get the installation options again to start Connect as a service?
  11. Where do you change that? I was trying to do something similar and have not been able to find the configuration files to edit the port… (Nevermind: found it)
  12. In the Release Notes, it says "Cases in 1.7.x format do not require any case conversion or re-indexing. However, some functionalities and improvements may not be available for such cases. Cases made with 1.7.x cannot be re-indexed or extended without additional sources." Is there any way to convert the cases so that the functionalities/improvements would be made available? Is there a list as to specifically what wouldn't be available? Basically, I have several 1.6.2 cases that I'm wanting to upgrade to 1.8.4. Would it be better to just make new cases and re-index? Thanks, Daniel
  13. I have a case where it froze when indexing a second source. I had backed it up before I gave it to the user, but the user did not back it up (so all tags are assumed lost). Before I added the second source, I did copy out the index folder, and I found the XML file that talks about the tags, and the INV files. Is there a way to view/re-add the contents of those files so that I can re-tag the items? Thanks, Daniel
  14. I have a similar question - why do the processing numbers vary so much between versions of Intella? I recently had a case that I had indexed in 1.6.2 with ~7mil entries, then when I made it a new case in 1.8.1, the number dropped to around half that. Do I need to be wary about the difference in numbers between versions, or are the entries being drastically more de-duplicated?
  15. I'm using 1.8 as well…It happens when I right click on an item and click download original item as well, I've noticed. Maybe it is specific to this data set (the cleaned-up Enron PST set), so I will test on a few other data sets to see if I can recreate.
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