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  1. You can connect to a shared case from up to 8 workstations at the same time and see other people's comments/previews/tags scroll by in real time. Shared is a really great way to manage multiple users, but you are right -- as far as I know there is no way to grant access permissions to permit users to view different information.
  2. One other feature that would be really helpful/useful: the ability to turn off deleting all files in the Export folder location when doing a new export!
  3. You're right, Intella does behave this way -- but only in the Tags Facet list. If you go to tag a document (or add a new tag), it does not permit this. Instead, in my experience, it jumps to the text field as soon as you start typing. They could use the text field as a filter box... As the user types a tag name, it narrows the list of tags in auto-complete fashion. Also, this would help prevent users from entering similarly named tags.
  4. Any thoughts regarding having the ability to organize tags into folders? Especially since there's currently no way to quickly filter to the tag you want, if you have 100 or so tags, it can be quite a task to locate the correct tag quickly.
  5. If you wanted to avoid adding more overhead to the interface, just having the ability to specify more precision in the search keywords text field would be great. For example, instead of expanding Options and deselecting all but Author, simply allow users to search for (in gmail fashion): to:email@host.com from:email@another.host.com bcc:email@address This way the features would be there for advanced users, documented in help, but without adding to the GUI and requiring additional mouse clicks, not to mention further confusing or complicating the interface for Intella newbies. Jus
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