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When running a large keyword list search the results screen at the top will eventually switch to "sets" view as the balls become too interconnected to be of any visual use. 

If I want to view only a particular keyword result I select this from the "searches" box and they are displayed in the Details box, so far so good, now I want to select 2 keywords and as expected the results for both keywords are displayed in the Details box.

What I'd love to see is they ability to switch back to the 'cluster map' view to get the venn diagram back for selected items, specifically the intersecting ball with emails common to both keywords. Currently I'd have to run the search with just those keywords to get the balls back, but frequently we are playing with a very large list of keywords so having the ability to dynamically switch back would allow us to quickly isolate common emails.


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I second Jasons request for the ability to expand the search parameters, I really like the idea, but I would point out that the 'only' option would still be required when selecting the 'from', 'cc' or

While I'm here, I had a thought last night which may help everyone with regards to our wishlist/requests etc.   This is more of a functional request for the forums here to assist the Intella people

A long standing wish (and to be honest the only thing that irks me about this great tool), the ability to add multiple source items when setting up the case.   Adding 10 source items from different

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Just wanting to revisit a wish I had from 2015 to bring it back to life.

The timeline view for intella, currently we can't do anything except export to PNG graphic file. Adding the ability to export to HTML or Excel would be a huge benefit. I'm constantly asked for timeline graphs/presentations from clients and have to resort to looking at other Analytics tools which are not exactly built for simple timelining, although they do an admirable job it seems a pity to waste the perfect timeline already showing in Intella.

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I wonder if you could add this as a feature request to Intella and Connect?

Here’s the scenario where it’s being used in competitor products

1.       In eDiscovery cases, the first round of filtering by document type is often done in Encase.
2.       Both “live” and “deleted” files are exported directly from Encase into 1 Logical evidence file (L01) which retains the metadata attribute from Encase showing “Is deleted”.
3.       Then the L01 is uploaded to Nuix which does show the “Is deleted” column.
4.       The plan is to then further process and upload to Relativity.
5.       We would like to be able to skip points 3 and 4 and upload the L01 to Intella for processing, then use Intella Connect for review. Huge cost savings, far easier to manage etc.

I know there are other ways to export the data from Encase, such as separate folders for live and deleted, then use point 5 above. It’s just that the Nuix\Relativity camps have set up this method (point 2 above) which they advertise as making their products “compatible”, which is backed up by nice marketing.

I’m not a fan of either Nuix or Relativity. It would be great to break into their “compatibility” with Intella\Connect fully supporting all the L01 features features such as "Is deleted" and "Is overwritten" from L01 files.

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I recently got asked for a "thumbnail report", i.e. extract certain items and some of their metadata (e.g. ID, file_name) and print them in a grid (say 4x5 on A4)...

While it looked easy, I couldn't think of way to do it directly in Intella and resorted to exporting metadata and native format images, then abusing imagemagick to thumbnail them and "simple" Perl/bash "one-liners" for the final layout. Mess!

Is there another (internal) way? Are those thumbnails (in thumbnail pane) exportable?

Is there any way to have other thumbnails for non-image files? Video may be obvious, but things like PPTX, PDFs (title pages), etc. also come to mind.

Finally being able to put that thumbnail in the PDF report somehow would be great!

(this sounds more like a feature request, that is why I moved it here)

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"top 10/100 Web searched keywords", in Insight or as standard facet (under contents analysis)?

This may be a next-level extraction after browser artefacts are ready, e.g.:




=> cat [32]     <-- "cat" was searched 32 times

NOTE: make sure you URLdecode parameters, there is more than English out there.

Of course the list of search providers can only grow and grow, so proper internal infrastructure is needed.

As an even more generic idea, things like file search in Windows (MRU, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\WordWheelQuery) and potentially other sources 😁(fgrep find /{root,home/*}/.bash_history on linux images)😁

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Hi Kalin,

Re APFS support. This is high on our do to list. We are just waiting for the the functionality to become available.

Re thumbnails. We are looking to add a reporting wizard to Intella. This should include the mechanics to export images as thumbnails. Having thumbnails for other file types is a good idea, i will make a ticket for that.


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