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  1. Thanks to both of you for your response. I was speaking with a colleague of mine who deployed it in a similar environment that I will be deploying it, and he was able to deploy it on his older digital forensics tower PC. So that's encouraging that it can run without needing a server.
  2. Our shop currently uses Intella Pro + Review, but are looking to move to Intella Connect in order to have connectivity from remote office or when on the go (or working from home as many are doing currently). I know that two options are host it yourself or host it in the cloud (Azure, AWS). Personally I'd prefer to host in the cloud rather than have to worry about maintaining a system. I'm already busy and adding infrastructure support (security, backups, availability, patch management) would be quite taxing. By hosting in the cloud, some of that would be handled by the cloud provider. And
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