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  1. I wonder if you could add this as a feature request to Intella and Connect? Here’s the scenario where it’s being used in competitor products 1. In eDiscovery cases, the first round of filtering by document type is often done in Encase. 2. Both “live” and “deleted” files are exported directly from Encase into 1 Logical evidence file (L01) which retains the metadata attribute from Encase showing “Is deleted”. 3. Then the L01 is uploaded to Nuix which does show the “Is deleted” column. 4. The plan is to then further process and upload to Relativity. 5. We would like to be able to skip points 3 and 4 and upload the L01 to Intella for processing, then use Intella Connect for review. Huge cost savings, far easier to manage etc. I know there are other ways to export the data from Encase, such as separate folders for live and deleted, then use point 5 above. It’s just that the Nuix\Relativity camps have set up this method (point 2 above) which they advertise as making their products “compatible”, which is backed up by nice marketing. I’m not a fan of either Nuix or Relativity. It would be great to break into their “compatibility” with Intella\Connect fully supporting all the L01 features features such as "Is deleted" and "Is overwritten" from L01 files.
  2. Reviewers are often lawyers who use lower spec, smaller screen computers. Maybe even a laptop. When I show them Connect, the first thing they note is the small size of the table view in the bottom right pane. This table pane currently cannot be re-sized (I've just checked with Connect 2.0 and that is still the case). This would be a huge improvement to the UI in the web browser. The ability to expand the table pane in the bottom right so more rows are visible on a smaller screen and shrink (or optionally close) the search hits bubble pane above.
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