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Quick preview of a new visualization

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Hello all,


I am currently working on a new visualization showing the results of a large keyword list. See the attached image, which is based on an arbitrary list of words extracted from the Enron case.


This visualization is meant to combat a scalability issue of the current Cluster Map, which can have difficulties showing large amounts of overlapping result sets. The graph can become too cluttered to be meaningful and computation times may slow down the user interface.


In the new visualization each result set becomes its own visual entity. Once the queries have been calculated, the visualization updates instantly.


In the end this visualization will become a "mode" of the Cluster Map: when it detects that the graph becomes too large to be meaningful, it will automatically switch to this visualization mode. In other cases the user is free to switch between "overlapping/clustering" and "independent sets" modes.


Feedback is most welcome!

sets 8.png

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Looks interesting, one question though..if I highlight 2 or 3 of the keyword 'boxes' in the new visulisation, will it display only the files that contain both or will it display all files for both?


This is something I'd like to see, as you pointed out working with the balls can be confusing with large amounts of keywords.


If there was some way to have two options when selecting the keywords in the searches pane (top right) so that if we highlight 4 results we have the option of either displaying all data, or only the data that contains all 4 results. Currently it defaults to all data.

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The way it works now is that it displays the union of all selected sets, i.e. as if they were merged into a single set. However, I can see the use for displaying the intersection instead. I'll give it some thought...

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As with all my wishes/suggestions I'm thinking form a 'perfect world' perspective where everything is possible and easy to make happen :P


I'm also aware of the reality that seemingly simple things are sometimes just not easy to do when it comes to programming, however I think the ability to be able to change this on the fly would be fantastic so you can quickly switch between a full view or intersecting view.


Either way I'm looking forward to seeing the developments for 1.7.x as it evolves.

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Looks great!


But now that we have yet another visualization, may I add a RFI from circa 2009: -)


Multiple windows (on multiple monitors of course) and sticky windows (e.g. pin the visualization window on one of the monitors maximized, another item preview say on the right one and keep the rest in the middle). 4K displays are coming, but running 3x FullHD (or 2) is way more common.

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