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  1. Hi, yes, perhaps a power user can contact me to help me with this problem. Do you have any guidelines for searching using CJK terms? This is really urgent.
  2. Hi, I can't read Japanese I'm afraid, and that maybe be the problem. Have you heard of the problem with the highlight described above before? I don't know if I'm getting the syntax incorrect but assume the rules of proximity, phrase searches etc. equally apply?
  3. I'm having problems importing a load file into my case. Firstly, the validation screen seems to freezes for a long time, and when it fails, I can't click on the back button. Secondly, no matter what date format I specify it gives me date parse errors. Intella also give me file open errors on natives and text files, even though the paths are correct. Has anyone else had issues importing load files into Intella? I'm afraid the manual isn't really helpful.
  4. I've been given a number of search terms in Japanese and have created a keyword list and imported. When I run my keyword list (with combine queries) I get a my results back. However, when I go into the first document, every one, both in English and Japanese, are highlighted. It appears that some words don't seem to work properly when it comes to the highlighting. It is clear that Intella is having some issues with the keywords, but I'm not sure what. Does this relate to a syntax issue? I would have thought Intella wold have told me if it didn't like a term. How does Intella handle Japanese words? Are there some best practices for defining keywords in Japanese?
  5. The keyword stats are clear that there are a total of 10,102 items that have met my keywords. If I now report back to the reviewers that there are 10,102 items, then the will expect to see 10,102 items for review and not 7,420. In Pro, if I untick the "combine queries" option I lose my cluster map, and it becomes a set. In connect, I can only bring up the cluster map, I don't seem to be able to untick the "Combine queries" option. ​As it stands, I don't know what figure I should report back to the reviewers.
  6. I'm currently using a subset of the Enron data to test the new features of Intella 1.9. I'm using the following keywords, in a keyword list, which I have uploaded: andersen litigation bankruptcy chewco jedi whitewing ljm raptors compensation Under "Statistics" and the "Keywords" tab, I run the stats and get the following: andersen 219 litigation 2915 bankruptcy 4465 chewco 39 jedi 156 whitewing 28 ljm 23 raptors 0 compensation 2257 When I auto tag with the same keywords, it give me the same number of items as per the second column above. These items equal to 10,102. When I run the keyword search, I only get 7,420 items back in my cluster map. At this stage, I don't understand why I'm getting two different figures. I have not applied any additional includes or excludes, nor am I deduplicating, or hiding irrelevant items from my search.
  7. Hi, I'm trying to do a proximity search against phrase search but it does not seem to work. At the moment, my syntax is as follows: "word1 spoke to"~5 I've tried variations on this: "word1 "spoke to""~5 "word1 ("spoke to")"~5 I'm not sure if my current syntax is correct and whether it will returns matches of word1 against "spoke to", or whether "spoke to" gets evaluated as two words instead.
  8. When looking at an email in the previewer,I can see there are German language emails that appear to have missing umlauts and "sharp S" which have been replaced with a space when looking at the email in the "Contents" tab. When you look at the email in the "Raw Data" tab the umlauts and "sharp S" are there. Seems to be isolated to emails that were msg files. If an email comes from a PST then it doesn't seem to cause a problem from what I can see.
  9. Hi, Normally what I find is that I tend to get data in batches. So as an example, I might receive batch 1 on Monday, process it, run keywords and review search hits, and then receive batch 2 on, let's say, Thursday. What happens more often than not is that batch 2 contains duplicates from the batch 1, which have already have been reviewed. At the moment, I've run my multiple keyword list as a search and include on the batch 1 and batch 2 locations, then sort by message hash for emails and MD5 hash for files. I then have to manually remove the duplicates already reviewed by adding a tag to exclude them. Is there an easy way or a method in using tags to automatically deduplicate an email, for example, from batch 2 against batch 1?
  10. Hi, I now have Abbyy 4 installed on the same server as Intella Pro, running on Win 8.1. I have followed the on screen instructions for sending documents to Abbyy and the wizard can't access the service URL when I select Get List from Server (for the workflow).
  11. Hi, Thanks. I don't yet have Abbyy so I'm unable to test v4 integration with Intella. Regards
  12. Hi all, Have been giving this more thought. We are getting bigger and bigger data sets that warrants the processing and memory capacitiies of a Server. I've spoken to our IT and they can't put Windows 7 or 8 on the server, so it will come with Windows Server 2012. The problems in the past, have these just been around the firewall on your past customer servers? The server we are getting will be an 8-core box with 96GBs of RAM (which we can upgrade further at a later stage if need be) and the use os SAS 15k rpm drives. Another reason we are getting this server is that I have no space to add another high powered box, nor the backup capabilities. The server instead will sit in our data centre and be fully managed by IT, with backups. Are there any other things I should be looking out for when using Windows Server 2012? Adam - you mentioned the use of Acronis. How does this handle the case files that are locked by current Connect processes: are these backed up as well, or do you have to take Connect down first. Regards
  13. Hi, I don't currently have Abbyy as of yet. But I find myself in the following situation, with a possible upcoming new matter in April: I purchase Abbyy Recognition Server v3.5 and use the current official release of Intella Pro to OCR documents; or I purchase Abbyy Recognition Server v4 and wait until the next offiical release of Intella Pro comes out that supports v4 If I go with option 1, would the next offical relaease of Intella Pro only support v4, or would there be backward compatibility with v3.5? If I go with option 2, how long do you think it would be befiore Intella Pro supports v4? Regards
  14. Thanks. This is very useful, and much appreciated. Just one question: we have a server with an Intel® Core™i7 Six Core Processor i7-5930K (3.5GHz) with 15MB Cache, 64GBs of RAM, an SSD for Windows 8.1 Pro, and two internal SATA WD Red disks. I have a spare Seagate 3TB internal SATA drive which I could add to the server to use for the Indexing Optimzation Folder. In terms of the number of reviewers that can log onto Connect, is there a specific number I can advise on if we had 1TB of evidence data (based on reading the above post 1TB would be the upper limit)? Could 10 reviewers log on and use the system with out expreience any slow down, or should it be limited to 5 reviewers? With our current server I want to be able to say that the maximum amount of data it can handle is 1TB of data and x number of reviewers.
  15. Hi, What I don't understand is that I downloaded the latest Intella Pro installer and it installs a local copy of IntellaCmd.exe. So will I have this problem when the next release of Intella Pro comes out?
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