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  1. Thanks Lukasz. Could you please double check and confirm if it is a bug in Intella Connect that it is not possible to click on the button "Combine queries" itself but we have to click on the text (I attached a screenshot in my first question) on the left of the button in order to uncheck it.
  2. Hi Jon, I have been informed by the Case Admin today about the reason why I couldn’t perform searches on one keyword at the time from the uploaded keyword list. The reason is that in order to DISABLE the COMBINED QUERIES we should first click on the text, not on the green button, and then click on the KEYWORDS LIST and SEARCH. And it worked, I could see the hits per each keyword in the CLOSTER VIEW and in the SEARCH RESULTS.
  3. I am a Reviewer in Intella Connect. Recently my company decided that only the Case Admin is authorized to upload keyword lists. The problem is that as a Reviewer I cannot click on the uploaded by the Case Admin list and choose ONE or several keywords, but the only option I have is to click the Search button and get 100.000 hits! This is not helping me in my search! My question is: what is the reason of this? Is it because the Admin has not assigned me the permission to search with keyword lists? Maybe someone has a link where I can find an answer?
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