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Bug: Export produces empty file


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When exporting eml/email files from the Intella the file is empty. Any ideas what might cause this behavior?


Also, there appears to be no way to quickly jump to an ID number. So if someone says, "I'm looking at Item ID 194572," is there a way to quickly get to that document by entering the ID?

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Hi Walt!


Previewing item by ID is possible and indeed very easy. However you are right that there is no UI component which aids this process.


If you open any item in the previewer you will notice URL in the address bar to look something like the following:

As you can see there is an explicit itemId paremeter which tells the Previewer which item to load. Change it to anything you want and you should be able to load any arbitrary item into the Previewer.

Note: if you use Items Table to open Previewer, additional "s" parameter will be added to the URL. You can safely ignore (remove) this param to make links cleaner and shorter. Doing this, however, will remove the ability to navigate forward and backward between the items in the Previewer.


For the bug itself, please see my PM which I will compose in matter of minutes.


Best regards,


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