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Intella Connect Beta 2


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Hello all,
I am pleased to announce that Intella Connect Beta 2 is now available for download. Forum users who would like to be involved in testing are invited to reply to this topic or send me a private message. I will reply with a private message with instructions.
Some highlights of Beta 2 (the actual list of changes is much longer):
  • The results table can now be deduplicated.
  • Keyword hits are highlighted in the Previewer, with hit markers showing the position in the document.
  • Added a Thumbnails view as an alternative search result display.
  • Improved security with SSL/HTTPS support and Digest Authentication.
  • Added several facets and other search functionalities.
  • Allows sharing of two cases simultaneously.
  • Lots of user interface improvements.

We welcome all feedback!

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  • Improved security with SSL/HTTPS support and Digest Authentication.


I don't want to seem too exuberant, but I am really excited about this feature. How do we enable it? I see that there are new fields under Settings, but are their instructions for configuration?


Also, I'm really liking the way the facet windows scroll now instead of expanding to full height.



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Hi Walt!


Yes, you are correct. This has been introduced along when we were implementing scrollbar markers for hit highlighting. We have already finished improvement of that, so that the text wraps naturally and the hit markers are still accurate. Next release (around the corner) should help you out. We will let you know as soon as it's available for download.


Best regards,


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