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Client Request - New user access only to certain folders..


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I've had a client ask that I provide a user account and give access to a a user, but only to three 'folders' (pst files to you and me).  I've explained that we would have to tag everything apart from those files, with cannot see items tagged with ***, is there another function which saves having tag everything and only tag the folders or files within those PST files for the user, so something like 'can only see tagged items'.

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Hi fuzed,


Unfortunately we don't have an opposite permission yet so you'll need to make use of the "Cannot see items..." permission. Note that you can't tag parents of the files you wish to keep seeing, because that permission also hides all descendants (so if you tag parents that would include the files you wish to retain).

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fuzed is the access issue super time sensitive? 


You could accomplish what you need but creating a new case and indexing only those three folders. To avoid having multiple cases with the same source though you would first have to create copies of the source data.


You could then have a new case with only these files available. Any tags/comments etc that a user applies can then be imported into the original case by way of MD5 lists.


Edit: Alternative option Fuzed which I just tested and it may be suitable for you in this case:

1-->Create a new user type called 'Batch Admin' or something similar

2-->Under Roles and Privileges give this user pretty much all the privileges available except 'manage all cases' and 'manage a case' then authorize that user for the case in question

3--> Log in with this new admin account and select the sources you want your new user to be able to review, then create a batch (or batches with those files)

4--> Log out, then back in to Connect as your admin to access case management

5--> Create a second new user type called 'restricted review' or similar

6--> Give this restricted viewer the following privileges only; "can access a case", "can send and receive instant messages" and "Main UI: can use review"

7--> Create your new user, then set the authorization for the case and make sure the new user name is added as a restricted viewer type

8--> Lastly log back in as your Batch Admin, allocate those batches to the new user.


When they log in they will only have the Review Tab and they will only see the batches that you have created and allocated to them.


The downside here is there are some limitations on what they can do as they don't have the 'Search' tab and all the fruit that comes with that, but for basic review and tagging then this may do the job for you.

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