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Intella 2.0.1 Empty Processing Time

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I currently have an OST that is processing in 2.0.1 and seems to have stalled out. It spent about 2 hours actively processing about 550,000 items as I would expect, but since then, it has elapsed 16 hours with no additional items processed. Has this been encountered before and is it a known issue? Is it a bad/corrupt OST? Or am I just being impatient and there really isn't an issue?


For an environment baseline, my machine has 32GBs RAM, 8 core CPU, 4 active crawlers, 2 GB memory per crawler (set in the ini file to fix a previous issue), and I have indexed PSTs/OSTs larger than this 31GB one perfectly fine. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.



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OST's always seem to cause issues one way or another. Do you have any tools to convert the OST to a PST?


Kernel and Systools both have excellent software for this that is quite cheap. I use them both regularly when I have an issue like this. 

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Having the same issue with a 47GB PST.  It runs through the PST very well but then stops and now is crawling for the last 3-4 hours with no additional results.   I rant this a couple times already and did a scanPST in between the last time which reported and fixed errors.  

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hi team,


i have put 500GB data set for indexing which almost took 8 days still it shows 58% processing....have alloted 25% of memory allocation,please suggest something to speed up the process as it took 166 hrs to index this, and the pst is also splits in 10GB chunks as sharepoint not allowed to export large pst in one chunk .need urgent help on this. 

gm index1409.png

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