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Two-factor authentication

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Hi all,

we have a question regarding the possibility to activate a two-factor authentication in Intella Connect (we are using v. 2.0.1).


Is it possible to configure Intella in this way?


is there anyone able to do this that can explain us how to proceede?


Thanks in advance.





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Hi Paolo1982,

we are considering adding Single Sign On (SSO) support via OAuth in Intella Connect soon.

As a side effect of being able to log in into SSO provider who has two factor authentication provided, would that satisfy your need? Or would you prefer to have stand alone two factor authentication in Intella Connect due to not using SSO?

For example, provided that Intella Connect would have SSO support, you could configure Google as your SSO provider. Since Google has two factor authentication already provided in their systems, you could then log in into your Google account, via email and password. Google will then ask you to provide code as part of two factor authentication. After successfully logging in into Google, you could navigate to Intella Connect without having to log in, because you already logged in into Google and your credentials were carried over via SSO.

Would that work for you?

Additionally, if you would be interested in SSO, could you please take a look into topic:


and let us know what you think?

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Hi Andrej,

a 2FA as a side effect of a SSO from a provider which implies it would be a good solution for us. 
Google, to reconnect to your example, would be nice.

Do you already know how, and most important WHEN, that would be implemented? Could we expect to see it in the next release or so?

Is there maybe somewhere a section containing the roadmap of the new features to be added to future releases and when they are planned to be released?

Thank you!

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We aim to have the SSO feature added to the next major release.

Could you let us know which SSO provider will you want to use?

If you are not comfortable sharing this information on our public forum, then you can also email that information to us via our Support channel: support@vound-software.com

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