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Removing emails from case file

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Please could somebody assist me with a query I have to do with removing emails from a case file. It is easiest described by an example.


I have a case with say 100 custodians and 1,000 emails (plus x number attachments) for each custodian. I now need to remove a handful of individual emails that have been identified and tagged as "for removal". So lets say I need to remove 500 emails which are split across the different custodians.


Is there any functionality in Intella that allows emails to be removed from a case file?

If not is there anyway to create a new case file with the same data but exclude the emails that I am trying to remove? If there is will this preserve the existing review tags, batches, etc?



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Hi Graeme, there is no way to remove select emails from a case at this stage, I suspect that might be difficult to achieve but I know they (vound) are looking at add the ability to remove source files in total.


Is your ultimate goal to provide the data set back to your client in some format for them to ingest or merge back with their exchange server?


Or are you looking to set up a review on Connect and you want those 500 emails to not be visible to anyone?


Both can be achieved, but as you mention preserving tags I assume you want to keep the data within Intella.


If that's the case you can use the ability to hide tagged items by using the 'Privileged' tag, then setup a restricted viewer hiding those tagged items from their account. Of course that hinges on using Connect to review the data. If you are talking about hiding something within Intella that won't be visible when using Intella Desktop, I don't think that can be done, at least I'm not aware of how it could be done.

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Hi Adam,


Thank you for your response. Ultimate goal is to to set up a review on Connect and ensure those 500 emails are not visible to anyone.


I have worked out how to do this from your response by setting up the "privilege tag" and restricting access to these. I am still testing this to see exactly how it works but am I correct in saying that these documents will not appear on any restricted user's Connect account either under a normal search, under any of the facets, tags etc or even under the review batch? That is what I want to achieve so hope that is how it works.


Thanks for the further update also Jon good to know what might be available in the future.



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Graeme that's correct. I items tagged aren't visible anywhere to a restricted viewer, even the tag itself is not visible to a restricted viewer so they don't know anything has been hidden from them.


I have used this on quite a few occasions with no issues reported.

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