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'next' button greyed out at 51 of 435


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Hi Guys,


Ive seen this twice now on Intella connect, the user is conducting a review of the documents (old way - not batch review) and the next/right arrow becomes greyed out before they get to the end of the number (In this instance at 51 of 435) and could not proceed until they reloaded the results on the main screen and started to review again.  


On both occasions it has occurred when the users have had an exclude set to exclude any documents that already have a tag applied by any of other users.


I do wonder the if the issue is caused by one of the documents in the 435 being tagged by another user on the same case whilst this user is conducting their own review, i.e the number of documents to be reviewed is actually reducing from the 435 all of the time as multiple reviewers work. - is this possible? or does Connect store the list of 435 documents and what ever happens this user should get to see these?





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Hi jcoyne!


The situation you are describing were sometimes happening in previous versions of Intella Connect when user had been inactive for roughly 2 hours. Refreshing of results was always helping to make the review queue navigable again.

That has been greatly improved in Intella Connect 1.9.2. Can you let me know which version are you using?


It shouldn't have anything to do of what happens to items during this time. When you are reviewing items using Previewer the review queue stays fixed as soon as you open first item. At this point in time items are already organized in a review queue which respects sorting and filtering applied in the main search UI. Intella Connect will no longer modify this queue.

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