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Attachments notification when in batch reviewer


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The batch reviewer functionality is really good, just done a test and I think you could achieve about 750 documents per hour linear review which is so much faster than the competitors.


But I cant see anywhere an indicator that shows that the email currently in review has attachments and/or a swift way to include a review of these attachments as part of the batch review.


I can see how you could include the attachments as part of creating the initial batching but they really need to be reviewed after the body of the email, not just as lone documents at the end of the review. I can see that sometimes the 'preview' button is greyed out but don't think that this correlates with attachments


I'm i missing something are is this something that can be added in the near future?

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Hi jcoyne!


Thank you for bringing this up! Indeed, one has to make sure that any potential attachments are added to the set before it's split into batches.


At first sight this might seem like a limitation, but if one thinks about it - preparing the set of items for a review is much more than just adding attachments. One has to consider how to treat conversations, duplicates, etc. I can only assume that each company has some sort of rules that govern this process (probably validated years of experience and many hours spent on improving Quality Assurance). That being said, we were considering adding some "intelligent warnings" when batches are about to be created but we detect that something relevant might be missing. An example of such warning would be to notify user that not all entire conversations have been included in the set. But it's more about making user aware, rather than doing things automatically. 


What do you think about this? 


Also - please note that in each batch items are sorted by Family Date. This means that if you will have an email with two attachments, then those files will immediately follow the parent email. This makes review much easier, as reviewers can stay focus on a context of particular item. That should be exactly what you need.


As a final comment - the "Preview" button is grayed out only when given item does not support Native Preview. In such cases just looking at Contents should be enough.

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Thanks Lukas,


Whilst many companies will have rules, we are a service provider across both civil & criminal investigations and in civil in both claimant & respondent positions. Our customers are Global across many jurisdictions therefore the review processes are practically always different.


Many will want to review each document then its attachment but others will only want to include the email bodies in date order then only if relevant will they look at the attachments (if they know that there is one). This is easy with the legacy preview pane as the attachment tab displayed the number of attachments in brackets. The current implementation of the batch reviewer (which I really like!) does not tell you.


Therefore if you see email, then next a word document you don't know if the word document was attached to the email or is just a loose document chronologically after the email - in a way you are losing some of the context.




Any sort of indication that displayed the "has attachments" field or better still that stepped in/ indented the document from its email above in the batch list down the left had side would be great (example attached from Recommind review panel). 




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