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URGENT - Error response code: 500 Please contact support if this error persists.


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My client has contacted me and said she is getting the above error message one of the Intella hosted cases that we currently have.


Error response code: 500
Please contact support if this error persists.


I've had a look at the case file using Intella, and it appears to have lost all of the source data, i.e. it's asking me to add source data to the case.  I have taken a backup so am going to copy that across, but this is very worrying, can I get someone at Intella to get back to me re the software losing settings, and maybe work out a way to do automatic backups of the critical system files for each case. 

I currently have around 8 on going cases being hosted by the Intella hosted platform.





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fuzed, I've also got about 10 cases running at any given time and have never seen what you describe, however I use a little software tool called Bvckup2 which replicates my Intella case folder to a network share on a secondary server.


The software is very cheap only $40 for a pro license and it basically monitors the folder and backs up any changes. I set mine to an hourly backup so I can easily (and quickly)go back if something goes wrong.


In addition I use Veeam Endpoint backup to do local full/incremental backups (free software).


I've learnt the hard way so now I have multiple backups running at alternating times to ensure I never get caught again.

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I restored the customers data to data I had backed up a few days prior to the issue, so they didn't lose much.

In relation to the backups I followed your advise Adam, and it works brilliantly.


I just wanted to thank you personally, you are always so very helpful.  You have saved me a great deal of time and stress, so a sincere thank you for your input on this matter, and previous matters.  People like yourself are what make a community like this so great.




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