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I've had a call from a barrister working on one of the cases that's not completed, he's asked me if there is any way to determine how much time he spent working on the case.


I've had a quick look and there doesn't seem to be any information that says XYZ time was spent on the case, could anyone guide me, or let me know if there's a way to find out?


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Hi fuzed! 


I'm afraid that currently there is no such tools built in into Intella Connect. For the time being you could have some success in analyzing Connect's Case log files where each request reaching the server also logs in authenticated username (note the 'admin' username). Example:

[INFO ] 2016-03-11 10:54:15,796 [qtp1858952830-110] 2016-03-11	10:54:15	0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1	admin	0	GET	/partials/main-app/facet-md5.html	-	200	1069	0	1	http://localhost:5189	Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/49.0.2623.87 Safari/537.36	http://localhost:9999/shared/basic/index.html

Clever filtering of those logs could give you time spans during which user was active and that could help you to count the amount of time spent on review.

Note that calls to /events resource are performed automatically by our application, so those do not origin in user's activity.


Another option would be to scan Activity Stream ("Activities" tab) to see when user was active and once again compute the time that was spent on a review.


In future we might consider simplifying this and counting review time automatically. If you have any suggestions on that topic, please share with us here.

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I've been looking at the activity logs and thinking about ways we could use them to assist our clients for things like this, and the obvious problem is actual active review time compared to logged in time. Also there is time reading documents etc where they are not actually interacting with the software but are still technically 'active'.


My thoughts are that it's far simpler to have some basic information for each user able to be collated from the logs, such as:

  • Log on and log off times to give total time logged on
  • Have these times available to be broken down by date and the ability to show multiple time spans for a single day (when relevant)
  • Total documents previewed/viewed/printed/saved etc also ability to break down by day
  • List of Doc ID's to match to the above
  • List of tags applied/deleted/edited by any given user
  • Break down by day etc

Those would be my main hopes and given that most of that information is already captured in the logs hopefully not too complicated to extract.

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In Intella Connect 1.9.1 we added the Review UI, which allows reviewers to work on a Batch of items. I was thinking about extending each Batch with a "Reviewing time" property. It would be updated periodically (every 5-30 seconds) if we detect any user activity. That would give a quite good estimation on how much time was spent on the review. What do you all think?

Clearly it's not perfect, as someone can forget to turn off the browser's tab when he goes out for lunch, however there is also a way to get around that. Simply render an overlay with a timer and a button "I'm here, let me continue the review". That would show up if user is Idle for let's say 5 minutes (could be configurable).

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I like that idea a lot Lukasz. For me I'm not too concerned about the difference between 'logged on' and 'actually reviewing' as there is no real need to have that distinction for me.


Prior to 1.9.1 there were no batches so it was a bit harder, but now with the batched reviews that will be good, however there will still be some reviews where only a single user is logging in so no real need for batches.


But, having said that the auto log off reminder you propose is a great idea regardless of batched or not, have it configurable for any time period we like up to say 30 mins and if no response received it auto logs the user off.


That feature aside it would be great to see some of that information captured in the logs be made available in a more user friendly format, I understand it's likely to be a lower priority but it seems a logical step to me when considering the overall auditing requirements that we are often trying to meet for clients.

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