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Print Report - Landscape Pages Truncated into Portrait


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Hello Everyone.


We've notice when generating reports into PDF format, the attachments such as word documents that have landscape pages, Intella prints all the pages into Portrait format and truncates the contents.


Anyone else experience this ?


With a couple hundred files to deal with, I don't relish the thought of going to each document and printing them separately using the external application and converting to PDF.





Intella 1.6.1

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Hi Jon, do you know if this is high on the priority list to fix, could I humbly suggest bumping it up if it's not?

While the work around is simple enough for a couple of documents it's not really something I'd like to contemplate on your average discovery matter with thousands (tens of) documents. Added to that I feel safe in thinking just about any set of documents is going to have this issue. 

Is there a way for us to identify documents which may have landscape pages en masse with Intella currently?

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