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  1. Has anyone gotten a resolution to the 504 error? We are also experiencing the error and don't have the option of breaking up the search parameters. Its not really a complex search, just the number of parameters/terms is large.
  2. In Intella desktop when the print report option was select all of the tabs for the item were printed into the pdf e.g. contents, properties etc... but in Connect on the preview is printed and nothing else - only one tab is being printed in the print report option; even though the user manual says that the print report option will print all of the tabs. Is there a specific setting that I am not aware of or does something extra need to be done? Thanks
  3. I am having an issue with tagging. When I tag items as irrelevant, some of them are not being excluded from the search results when I have specifically excluded them i.e. total results are 1500, I tag 100 has irrelevant but when the search results are refreshed it still shows the number as 1420 rather than 1400. Its not a big difference, but compounded over a large case this ends up duplicating a lot of work. Anyone have any insights as to why this would be happening. Thanks
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