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  1. I received some feedback from our LAN administrators. We have multiple cases up and going at any one time on the go and switching between cases. Intella server (sharing) is our preferred environment and seems to be working out well. However, have the designers considered making the server (master) as a "Service" on a machine to facilitate a true server-client relationship in a LAN environment? Our admins would like to have it as a service instead of having to login, start-up the intella server and logout at the end of the day (security reasons).
  2. Hi. Just found out as well. My organizing would be pleased to participate in the beta testing. Dan
  3. Hello Everyone. We've notice when generating reports into PDF format, the attachments such as word documents that have landscape pages, Intella prints all the pages into Portrait format and truncates the contents. Anyone else experience this ? With a couple hundred files to deal with, I don't relish the thought of going to each document and printing them separately using the external application and converting to PDF. Dan Intella 1.6.1
  4. Hello. Would anyone know where to download the the EnCase EnScript for email export to Intella ? I could not locate it at the Vound website or google searching ? Thanks.
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