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Case Upgrade Question

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In the Release Notes, it says "Cases in 1.7.x format do not require any case conversion or re-indexing. However, some functionalities and improvements may not be available for such cases. Cases made with 1.7.x cannot be re-indexed or extended without additional sources."


Is there any way to convert the cases so that the functionalities/improvements would be made available? Is there a list as to specifically what wouldn't be available?


Basically, I have several 1.6.2 cases that I'm wanting to upgrade to 1.8.4. Would it be better to just make new cases and re-index?




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Hi dpmills!


Migrating cases from 1.7.x to 1.8.x format is currently not officially supported. We don't have an official list of features that rely on 1.8.x case format either.


Our recommendation is to recreate those cases in Intella 1.8.x. That will make sure that you are using the most stable and mature version of our software and your case format will be up-to-date with newer versions of Intella. Moving user defined annotations should be possible based on the MD5 facet and manually tagging items in new case (or by using "Cross-case work reports" if you own an Intella TEAM license). Some additional attention would be required to see if results based on hashes lists are correct.
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Can you import an .icw file from 1.7.x to 1.8.x?

I guess, by ICW you mean IWR (Intella Work Report) files. It is possible to import work report into 1.8.x, which was exported from 1.7.x. There will be pop-up saying "The Work Report file is generated by another Intella version" and it might also report annotation that it could not match to items. You can generate detailed report and try to match them manually afterwards.

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