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Connect Performance Issues - multiple reviewers


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We are currently running Connect 1.8.2 to review tagged documents in my case file.  However, we have noticed a performance issue when more than 1 reviewer logs into Connect to review their assigned documents in the same case file.  It seems that loading documents takes a long time to open in the previewer.  I can understand those that have large attachments, but smaller documents appear to take a while to load.


  • We are running a local, small mini network supported by a 1GBps switch, with 5 reviewer laptops.
  • We are running Connect from a Win XP 64-bit Laptop, with 16GB ram.


Could these performance issues be related to Connect on a XP machine?


Are there any things I can check or do to make the platform run faster, or at least reduce the performance bottlenecks?

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Hello Mark,


We have seen the same bottlenecks and are already working on a number of improvements for Intella Connect 1.8.3.


There will be improvements in loading items with large texts (e.g. multi-MB CSV files and larger). Their length in general is a consideration and when hit highlighting needs to be performed on the document text, this only adds to the cost. Note that hit highlighting is not only used in the Previewer but also in the List view. Furthermore we are improving Connect's performance on serving concurrent users: if a reviewer views such "costly" items, other reviewers can see a drop in performance too, even if they are viewing non-costly items. We strive to improve the performance experienced by these other reviewers.


There is one setting in Intella Connect 1.8.2 that you can already use now to improve performance: if you use the List view but don't mind loosing hit highlighting here, you can click on the Settings button in this view and select not to see any hit highlighting here (see the attached images). When opening the item, the document text will still have its hits highlighted, i.e. this only affects the results listing.



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When you say slow we think 10-15 seconds to open a page. The fact that it is taking 25 mins tells us something is not right. 
Please can you give us the: 
PC specs
Drive setup for Case, Evidence and OS (all 3 drives) 
Reviewers PC setup
AV or firewalls. 
Also can we know the case size (total evidence).
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Can't use Win7 for Connect at the moment as I'm onsite and don't have a powerfull enough Win7 laptop.


Connect Server


Intella Connect is run from a laptop with the following spec:


  • Intel Core i7 Processor
  • 16GB RAM
  • Win XP 64-Bit
  • 1 GBps Ethernet Port

Intella Connect is not currently installed as a service.




Evidence and Case File data sits on separate volumes within a Synology NAS RAID connected to a 1 GBps Netgear switch.  Evidence data is 871GBs in total. Case File is 161 GBs. 




Network speed is 1 GBps.


Reviewer laptops


Reiew laptops have the following specs:


  • Intel Centrino 2 Processor
  • Win 7 Enterprise
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 32-Bit
  • 1 GBps Ethernet port
  • Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection
  • IE 9.0.8112

If we shut down Connect and 1 person uses Pro, review is fast.  There are no problems in opening documents or time delays.


With Conect, we have two reviewers logged in and looking at documents.  Both reviewers double click on a document to open it in the previewer.  Previewer takes 25 minutes to display the contents of the documents.  After 25 minutes the contents of the document each reviewer wanted to open appears on their respective screens simultaneously.


Intella Pro has had no problems with the volume of data.  It ran a 32 keyword list against 11.4 million items in 1 and a half minutes.


When I look in the Server Log, I notice that I keep getting the following errors:


  • The conection was broken. It was probably closed by the client. org.eclipse.jetty.io.EofException: null
  • Unable to read contents of config issue from disk
  • Unable to decrypt cookie credentials java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""
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I double checked to make sure that the official 1.8.2 release already has the List View Settings enabled (it wasn't the case prior to 1.8.2 release). Can you make sure you are not running any intermediate build? Regardless, I sent you a PM with a link to the most recent 1.8.2 installer that we have. As Chris mentioned before, disabling Hit Highlighting in List View can make a huge difference if you are working with large files. Highlighting is an expensive operation and is also being heavily used inside the Previewer, so depending on the item size it could influence other reviewers. We have recently added the following section to the Connect User Manual: https://www.vound-software.com/docs/connect/1.8.2/reviewer/03_05_details_panel.html#hit-highlighting-performance-with-list-view

Alternatively, you could use Items Table instead of the List View to avoid the need of calculating Hits on large documents.


25 minutes means that clearly something is wrong. Of course previewing an item always means some round trip to the server and transfer the data from your NAS to Connect Server for processing, but such amount of time does not seem justified. Does it always happen on the same items (or other items)? Does it also happen when you open an item while having NO queries in the main search UI (you can use direct URL to previewer to open it that way)? What type of items cause the issue? Is it reproducible on other cases? Clearly a lot of factors and a lot of questions, but to make any progress we would have to start there.

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Thanks Lukasz.


I've now updated all the review laptops to use the latest Chrome, which from the Server Log, seems to resolve the broken connection issues.  Currently download the latest Pro and Connect installers so will try those along with turning of the hit highlighting in List view, and we will let you know the outcome.


Thanks for your help.

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We installed the latest versions of Pro and Connect.  I've turned off the hit highlighting in list view as suggested.  We will know better tomorrow to see if it has improved performance.  However, from reviewing  a couple of documents in Connect, when the Previewer is opened, we have noticed that it no longer advances to the next document, even thought option is tagged, when we click on a tag.  Also there apears to be spreadsheets that don't render properly - you can only see half the columns and there is no way to scroll to the right.


Any thoughts?

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We have gone back into Pro, and now trying to run a query, and now it tells me "Invalid query: *@xxxx*, where as this used to work before. Why does this query not work anymore?  Is there a syntax I can use to correct this.  My keyword, which is part of a keyword list, wants to look for all email addresses at domain xxxx.

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Hi Lukasz,


I'm affraid Connect 1.8.2 doesn't seem any faster when mulptle reviewers log into Connect, even when I turn off hit highlighting in List view. I don't have any other cases to test this on. It is random, it could take 25 mins to open up a simple email with no attachments.  There doesn't seem to be any pattern as to why it run slows.

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