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Processing Multiple PSTs

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I realize that when processing multiple PSTs we can process them all together by telling Intella to process the contents of a folder. But quite frequently, we get a bunch of PSTs from a client and they then tell us to only process a few of them (they may later come back and ask us to process some more). Unfortunately, when you add a PST/OST to Intella for processing, you can only add one file at a time. 


It would be great if Intella would allow us to select multiple PST/OSTs from the same folder, by selecting multiple files, either when holding the Ctrl key to select different files one at a time

that that not in order or by holding the Shift key to select the first and the last file in a given order. This is a standard Windows API, so I'm not sure why Intella doesn't behave accordingly. 


Can you please consider adding this feature soon? I've been meaning to post this request many a time before, but keep on forgetting about it. Please let me know. 

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Hi Phil! 

Is there a reason why you can't place those new PSTs into a subfolder and index it instead? Would it break your workflow in any way?

Regardless, your idea seems like a useful feature. If I recall correctly, there was something planned to address that already. I'll double check to make sure that this is added to the roadmap.

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Yes, it does break the workflow, at times. For example, we have processed a bunch of PSTs into another Intella case right now. Now they're asking us to reprocess some of the same PSTs. If I move them from the folder into a new folder, than the old case will lose its link to the PSTs (yes, I know I can re-establish the link, but it gets messy particularly if you're dealing with large numbers of PSTs). 


That's another reason why it would be so useful if we could add and remove PSTs and other files from Intella cases and also have the option to combine Intella cases. I know we can add new PSTs and other files to an existing Intella case, but as far as I know, there is no way to remove a PST or other files once it's been added to the case. If we were able to remove PSTs, that would have saved me countless of hours of re-processing. 


(Yes, I know I can exclude PSTs from being searched inside Intella, but when you have to exclude large numbers of PSTs it becomes messy and prone to errors.)


Thank you for following up. 

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There is another way to approach this but it only works when you are first setting up a case. After you add the first PST/OST archive to the case don't let Intella start indexing. Then you can simply go back and add one at a time as many PST/OST archives you want each time ensuring you don't start the indexing process. Once you have all the archives you want you then select 're-index sources' from the menu and it will index everything.


This only works the first time though as if you try that later you will end up re-indexing everything not just what you have added.


I think I've asked this before but the approach I'd like to see is the ability to select multiple files/folders or any combination for indexing, and taking that a step further the flexibility to re-index any individual source should we choose to (for what ever reason). This would be useful in cases where we have added multiple sources only to find corrupt files or archives. We can repair these archives and then simply re-index the affected source rather than the entire set.

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