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  1. So was the de-duplicating feature discussed here added in 1.8.4? If so, how does it work? When I use the regular de-duplication option in Intella, it apparently still de-dups on hash. I have two identical emails, on in the OST and one in the PST containers that came off the same laptop. The message IDs are the same for both messages but the hashes are different. The messages look identical to the naked eye. If in fact they are identical, what causes different MD5 hashes? Is the file path part of the hash? If so, what's the rationale for including the file path in calculating the hash
  2. Christiaan: One other thought I should have included in my previous message. I realize that the table view depicts the documents. I was wandering whether another view could be added that would depict the hit counts. In other words, if a particular document contained multiple keywords, each search hit would be listed in a separate row, so that the same document would generate multiple rows, one for each search hit. The table views (e.g., document or hit view) would be user selectable, so a user could switch back and forth from a listing of documents to a listing of search hits. Adding t
  3. Christiaan I'm attaching a screen clipping that shows the search view from X-Ways displaying certain columns. Obviously, more columns can be added or removed at the user's discretion. One of the biggest problems I have with Intella is that it provides no hit counts. The only counts we get and can report on are item counts. This is not very useful in identifying keywords that generate false positive hits. And in some instances, clients want to see the actual hit count, not just the document count per keyword. Furthermore, when using multiple keywords, the only way to get an idea o
  4. Christiaan Sorry, I just saw this. I thought I had enabled the "follow the topic" option but apparently I had not, so I did not receive any notifications. I will generate a sample report using X-Ways and send you a copy. This should give you a better idea of what I was describing. I can't do this right now, but I should be able to get it done in a day or so.
  5. One of the biggest weaknesses of Intella IMHO, is the fact that Intella cannot count the number of actual search hits and only counts the number of items that return search hits (e.g., if one document contains one or more search hits, it's only listed as one item in the hit count window. Furthermore, in order to review the individual hits, each document has to be opened, so that the search hits can only be reviewed one at a time and one document at a time. A table view that lists all the hits would be a lot easier to work with. If you're familiar with X-Ways you know what I mean. All sea
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