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Persist 'some' preferences across cases

Jacques van Zyl

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Please create a mechanism to persist some preferences across cases for an individual user.

Every time I open a new case I have to go to preferences and select "no" for Show timeline (to give me more screen real-estate) and go to Facets to select "no" for Location facet auto expand data sources, etc. which are my "preferences".

It becomes tedious after a while to keep on doing the same thing over and over again.

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Hi, fully agree. This is another thing that we wish to have in one of future releases. Case templates may allow you to transfer certain preferences between cases, but a lot of UI-specific settings are still kept in the browser, which means they won't be transferred. The general idea that we have is to allow those user "profiles" to be synced with the server and maybe even something that admin users could control (like setting default profile for all users0.

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After using this functionality many times now, I would like to suggest improvement to it. It would be great to have as part of the case template, "redaction template" and "PDF rendering options". "PDF rendering options" is when you export as PDF document such as here: 


so that when you open a new case with a case template you get the same redaction template from the case and same rendering options. 


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I have been a heavy user of Nuix in the past and they used configuration profiles that could be stored in C:\ProgramData\ etc.  This would mean that all your settings were stored and available to all cases and all users on a computer.  Way easier than Intella's approach of importing and exporting case templates and storing settings in the case only.  I think this would be an easy update for future releases?

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