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  1. Any update on this re. 'Asking Magnet'
  2. Hi Marco, in the table view and as a field in the loadfile. It would be used for non-technical reviewers via the loadfile, where they can easily identify/filter file types rather than having to know mime types and specific file type.
  3. Hi, yes confirmed that it would be similar to the "Duplicate custodians and locations" feature. Here's an example of use, that would be used to find near duplicates that exist at 2 different companies/custodians. With thousands of near duplicates in this case, we had to export the data out of Intella and into sql where we grouped on the near duplicate group and queried the group to identify groups where there were 2 custodians and then concatenated the custodian filed and created "Near Duplicate Dupe Custodian". Its a pain. In retrospect maybe the field should be called Near Duplicate Group All custodians.
  4. Thanks Marco. I didn't see any documentation on the keyword list with hierarchical tags. But I see how this works now.
  5. I understand that there are a few options i.e. Type and MIME Type available. But it would be good for future releases to provide the top level items from the below screenshot i.e. "Communication" OR "Documents" and also the next level down i.e. "E-mail" OR "Presentations" as an available field. Intella has already identified this, so it should be any easy update?
  6. I have been a heavy user of Nuix in the past and they used configuration profiles that could be stored in C:\ProgramData\ etc. This would mean that all your settings were stored and available to all cases and all users on a computer. Way easier than Intella's approach of importing and exporting case templates and storing settings in the case only. I think this would be an easy update for future releases?
  7. Thanks Marco. I didn't see any documentation on the keyword list with hierarchical tags. Can you elaborate? I assume it has to be a csv and the first column is the tag and then next is the query. i.e. 01-Responsive/apple AND Orange,,apple AND Orange
  8. That's it. eDiscovery Industry standard for calculating processing charges is based on the size of the files processed. The only place I see this calc is Show > Statistics. It would be useful for all that service clients in this manner to get a calc of size broken down by type and shown in the Insight tab.
  9. This would be similar to 'Deduped custodians", but for each grouped near duplicate, Intella would show which custodians had a grouped file.
  10. Example 'Type' column - right click > show distinct > Intella would count each file type, show the distinct values and the numbers of items. Example 'Size' right click > Sum > Intella would sum the values.
  11. When tagging keywords, there should be an option to nest the tags in a parent tag, rather than dumping them in the root. Also 'drag and drop' functionality in the tags facet.
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